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  1. Too early for a great person. Condolences to all esp family and jess Fair winds cam
  2. See this is what happens when you off set the companion way
  3. Most of the 740's were named farr something. Farrcical was one i sailed on, Farrnatic i seem to recall was another, not sure if Farrout was another Farr. From memory there were 3 740's in melb all competitive, red yellow from SYS and blue (farrcical) from RBYC. A few others came and went also
  4. You might be able to pick up some cheap etchells soon
  5. You might want to revisit your budget if you are looking at a clubman or a r780
  6. Wasn't ken read pushing some 2 handed sailing recently. It has already started. A pity ws couldn't get their shit together
  7. Yeah fun overnighters on oversized trailer sailers
  8. The ratings relate to the amount of water they push per minute.
  9. And how many are dedicated to the olypmic programs versus the rest of us
  10. I don't know about there, but here you usually need a survey to get insurance, esp if the boat is 20+ years
  11. No one mentioned that the outhaul seems loose. Clearly a tuning issue
  12. I'm looking for something in Sydney in black or grey. Any ideas?
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