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  1. Wonder how Taylor and the gang would have faired...
  2. lol, I looked at 3 am and had the boat pointed straight to the finish, not locked in just right on the mark... woke up literally 5 min after running aground. Had already corrected before the game sent me a note. Lovely glitch in the system that bumped me a mile north despite being pointed on the finish line. I want my money back! 3500 places give or take
  3. Well that sucks! Slept in and just checked my boat... who ran aground... 5 min ago. fuck me
  4. Is it bad to call a lay line this far out?
  5. Sailing into a hole right now. things like taking your 19mth old to the Plastics Dr after she cracked her forehead open on the marble coffee table tend to have you miss time “on the wheel”. she is a okay and a little bad ass it seems. still have miles to go and maybe I’ll get a little lucky.
  6. Went back into the archives to remember where I finished in 2012 - “Temporary finish 549th - 88D 13H 15M - I crack a beer to celebrate. ahh... To those still out there sailing along keep it coming. I made it to the end of this adventure with only the tools provided by our Evil French Masters and a little Luck... OK, full disclosure... The last 5000 miles I had a Text Pact with Sparx, the fine gentleman he is, where he would accept my occasional Full on Drunk Text asking for a wake up call... Even then it did not work all the time and I have woke hours later loosing spots by the 100’s
  7. May we all execute the strategy we want tonight... despite the revelry. Happy New Year all!
  8. Lovely weather ahead. Too much holiday cheer kept me from going through the islands like Mom. Woke up an hour past the time to make the turn.
  9. Wait people play this on a desktop computer?
  10. No router for me, gotta say this one has been kinda boring with the ice limits.
  11. Last night I was looking lonely and was worried about my move... not so lonely now
  12. I guess I feel even better about where I am. How many people are using it?
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