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  1. So ...after 20 hours ..the leaders know something that I dont...or they just dont sleep
  2. Well.....that was interesting...it fuked my sleep pattern for the rest of the week...starts at 3.00 am etc...ran aground twice then backwards for an hour(sleep deprivation had set in as I have to work as well) Still enjoyable and I think I made SA top ten....be great to do in real life. H and T
  3. You might have to race me instead... 8 years or so on down the broadwater RYOOCHI
  4. Anybody know how many skippers in the Sydney to Auckland race... Finished 2 hours behind Your Mom SA..exactly 1600th ..7 days and 7 minutes. Fell asleep at the wrong time twice
  5. Man..if I catch you it would be a miracle...I mean you sailed away leaving me to sit still for 4 to 5 days in the hole of holes.. and yes I like Xmas presents
  6. Excuse my ignorance but how the fuk do you find out how many skippers are in these races...??.. 100 percent is not an answer
  7. And Your Mom scores and places in the best part of the top 300 in the StoH....ok so how much effort did you put in that ?.....lots of straight lines in your track...I still have 2.5 hours to go tacking up the Derwent and its friggin 1. 30am here.
  8. Entered...seeing it's summer and no real race bummer
  9. Same .had to stay in pressure and went North of rhumb..for a day or two.. PB2207 has stayed low and survived...lesson learnt..now I have to get south again..."sailing all over the ocean..". Sounds like a good name for a song.
  10. So X2sea and PB2207 are in front..yet just to weather of Ryoochi...in 29.6 knots of breeze....seems we all have the same idea....pedal to the metal
  11. Good stuff this VR....your boat don't fold in two.. and a warm bed awaits every night
  12. Ha..moved 5 places in the right direction on this scoreboard.. 50000 on VR (whip cracking sound ) yea ha
  13. Just so yo know "Ryoochi" is on the race course....and of course sucked into going east early....lucked out on the back edge of the hurricane and at one stage in the top5% too far East...so getting back is a big lose.... Evo would be doing circles
  14. Seems the puff maybe out of the wallet,.... maybe
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