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  1. Used a sock on a similar boat. Agree with the consensus that it seemed fine for the sail. It does create a lot of windage. Not sure how much more than a traditional roller furled sail, but we were quick to take the sail down if the forecast called for a blow.
  2. Thanks all. The issue is simply that the transducer is inconsistent from tack to tack. The boat performance is not in question. In slack current conditions, we sail at the same sog, heel angle, and AWA on both tacks. Our numbers match the polars. The issue is that even after calibrating the boat speed in a process similar to what @Hitchhiker describes, we get a large difference in the boat speed from tack to tack. I do suspect it is related to the transducer position. Perhaps the offset position also leads to uneven wear of the paddlewheel over time, exaggerating the issue.
  3. Thanks Froggy - didn't know that. I suspect that given that the transducer is slightly off center line, I have an issue either way. In any case, I think I need to do what I can to minimize the issue, and possibly look to a different transducer setup. I suspect that with the triton setup, there is really no great solution here.
  4. Tubby - this seems like a reasonable possibility. I should ask my electronics guy if the dual setup is possible. Perhaps we just need more crew forward of the shrouds!
  5. Frog - I do think that it is properly calibrated. Hard to be completely sure, but motoring in flat water, it is pretty consistent. Perhaps another significant fact is that when we see the issue, one tack is well above sog and the other below sog (in slack current). That said, per your comment about the transducer being close to the healed waterline on starboard (healed to port) it would make sense that perhaps calibration when motoring adds its own issue as the paddle wheel is not level? Steam - I have thought about alignment. I have a plug that I put in when not using the boat, so the tr
  6. Its not very close. See photo of sistership below. Transsducer is about at location where forward edge of cabintop meets the deck.
  7. In a related drift... Our actual speed is consistent on both tacks, but boat speed indication will vary by about 0.8kts upwind in 8-10kt breeze. SOG in slack current is consistent on both tacks as is heel and trim. System is a b&g triton with the usual airmar speed/depth transducer. Boat is a j/111 and the transducer is mounted at the aft end of the v berth and is offset a couple of inches to port. I know this sort of setup wil not produce completely consistent numbers, but this difference seems a bit extreme. Any thoughts on cause?
  8. I love my torqeedo for exactly this reason. I use it for a dinghy and it couldn't be simpler. Quiet is nice too.
  9. Indeed - we had a great time as well.
  10. pete_nj


    What we see is in line with JL92S' comments. On our 88, we get 11-12 kts of boat speed with full crew and wind speed in the 18-20 kt range.
  11. In, at least for the first weekend.
  12. My dad had the same one. The photo brings back memories. To put it completely in perspective, that $300 from the mid 70s could buy a well configured iMac today. (or 2 well configured windows boxes)
  13. For those of us that just quietly follow along on these journeys (and I assume there are many of us) it is a shame that because of the behavior of a few trolls you can't share more openly. If I were in your shoes, I would do the same. It's just unfortunate. I will continue to enjoy and learn from whatever you choose to share. Thanks for taking us on the journey!
  14. pete_nj


    I just installed one of Jeff's strops on my boat. The old strop did not have a bend, it was just too long. New strop is working great and we can finally get the headstay tune where we want it. As a side benefit, the furler, while still less than ideal, works much better.
  15. I get the lack of desire to protest, and I may well have done the same in your position. Sitting here at my desk without the pressures of the race and the subsequent ride home, it seems like we would all be better off if someone protested this. Intentionally sailing at night without lights is about on par with having a few martinis and driving.
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