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  1. Don't want to know then stop reading the thread. Dumbass.
  2. Meanwhile the DC Capitol police officer that shot Ashli Babbett will not be charged. So shooting a white unarmed white female who's only crime was trespassing and breaking a window was justified????
  3. How about starting to enforce the laws on the books? Good place to start.
  4. So if you are for restricting the 2nd amendment, and it seems most of you are fine with restricting the 1st amendment, why not have restrictions on voting?????? 'No amendment to the Constitution is absolute' says Biden.
  5. If you read the definition of rule in the RRS - NOR and SIs are rules.
  6. That's fine - but what about after he left the scene - they locked their doors and ignored her. I hope someone takes them out back and beats the shit out of them and leaves them there.
  7. So how much did Newsom get from Blue Shield? But that was all above board right.
  8. How the hell would we know as they are not being tested and are packed like sardines in cages.
  9. The government estimates that about between 18,600 and 22,000 children could cross the border in April. For May, officials are estimating the figure could rise to roughly between 21,800 and 25,000. Border Patrol officials have said they expect taking more than 16,000 children into custody this month, a record for any month at the border since at least 2010, according to government data. In February, the figure was about 9,300, up from 5,700 in January.
  10. Wow - you are so full of shit. You couldn't possibly be this stupid. How many are being let in and just released? You might want to check with the numbers coming out of the southern states that actually border Mexico than listening to the talking points coming out of Washington. Migrants are not supposed to enter the U.S. from Mexico without a negative COVID-19 test, yet at least 185 migrants released this past month into Brownsville, Texas, tested positive. The city of Brownsville cannot prevent these people from traveling throughout the country, it said, and it is unclear how m
  11. With Biden letting the southern border be a free for all these days and Mexico upping their death count at 321,000 its sure seems like this is now Biden death count.
  12. Sure seems like that's what folks are doing now. How about if you don't like something on tv/internet you stop watching it. You have the ability to do just that. Do you really give a shit what people who think differently than you think?
  13. You have a problem with smoking but not the amount of guns not only in movies, tv but also video games?
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