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    Reach out to Tim Finkle at RCR Yachts in Youngstown - he's been a great resource finding/selling J/88s. The Chicago fleet has been looking for used boats. Lot of buyers interested and no used boats available. J boats is producing them in France if you want to order one.
  2. you are 100% correct - we are looking at other classes. The 105 rule and the Melges 32 rule have been discussed.
  3. Far from dead— USA 5 is under contract and headed to Lake Michigan. Stay tuned for some double-handed distance events to be announced soon. Stretch goal is to add 5 boats to the Lake Michigan boat this offseason. We are just getting started!
  4. As a young class we have some growing pains to tackle and we're learning. As a class we're the ones writing the rules, agreeing, and sailing by those rules. The basic principle of sportsmanship & the rules; Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. In this case there was confusion around the wording of class rule and the end result was disappointing for all parties involved - there is no winner when this occurs and no one wants to have a regatta end that way. The owners sat down for season ending
  5. Great boat to single hand and double-hand. We are working on a 88 double-hand fleet for the Chicago Mac. More details should be out soon.
  6. Morning Anarchists! We missed an epic NAs from the sounds of it. To answer your question, for the Lake Michigan Fleet of the three boats that normally travel - Exile has a ill family member and is trying to stay close to home for the next few months, Blondie 2 had conflicts with the work schedule for the owners, and Dutch - we were planning on going but my wife won a legal award and attended a conference in DC while I watched our 10 month old on the home front. Iris, our class president, even organized a nanny to get us out there, but traveling alone with the 10 month old and
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