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  1. Contact Turner Marine on the Dog River, Mobile AL, can probably find or know where to get
  2. Thanks @Jim in Halifax the back of the lid, not shown, is completely open. The lid is attached to your countertop of choice, that is to say. So what I figured is that any over expansion would be trimmed off level with the flange, if that clarifies. I think my real question is whether the Great Stuff will absorb water in short order, or are there better products to use?
  3. Engel drop-in. Grey foam in the lid is wet, so it needs replacing. Methinks spray foam is the best option, given I want no gaps. I would be ok with blue or pink board, but the xacto and ruler won’t be as accurate at filling as that spray foam will be. Is there a better way?
  4. My setup: Walker Bay SLR 270 @70lb(ish); 1988 Evinrude 15 2-stroke @75lb. Runs like a scalded cat and easy to lift and manage. It is a wet dink; my ex Takacat was a drier boat and took only an 8-hp 2-stroke to plane… the WB needed 9 but the 15 is what I happened to find. 9/15 tends to be the same engine with different tuning, btw
  5. Why heat hot water?
  6. I try to avoid going anywhere that it’s cold enough to make my textile rigging expand…
  7. My technique for DeBond: use sparingly, at the edges of the goo. Give the DeBond a bit to work, and then begin to scrape the goo off. Be sure to neutralize the DB residue, as it will keep working right into your substrate which is also plastic, you know DB is far too expensive to use as a lubricant but I find it an excellent sealant remover. Apparently I have more patience than Rasputin22… BTW my go-to goo remover tool is an xacto #18 blade. Spray, wait, scrape/lift away.
  8. this is WR2: covered UHMWPE lifeline from NERopes. I’m trying to remember what year my wife built them. Probably 2013 or-14. I never go north of 30, and they are still doing well, although the lashings probably need some love, and the whippings have been failing.
  9. God has spoken on this subject: ”the spinnaker written for Sailing World by Randy Smyth It's rare in sailing when an improvement in performance can also deliver simplicity. This synergy just about defines asymmetrical spinnakers. Starting with a cross-sectional shape that resembles an airfoil, these sails have offered a known downwind advantage for years, but their popularity has been stifled by handicap rules that have outlawed their use. Now it's difficult to imagine an America's Cup without them. Asymmetrical spinnakers are considered mandatory sails aboard everything from lo
  10. I would be extremely leery of Internet forum advice. AkzoNobel make Awlgrip and they have a good website. I never have had luck with any sort of polishing AG. it seems to me if you are gonna paint a clear, you may as well do a good job and repaint the AG.
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