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  1. ATN, made of catamaran tramp netting. Just gat a set: https://atninc.com/winch-handle-holder.shtml
  2. https://www.boatus.com/products-and-services/boat-lettering/uscg-requirements
  3. When we initially documented the boat, it and our residence were in MS. We have since lived aboard in AL and FL in between long stays in the Bahamas, and our mailing address, which is what is listed on the documentation, is in LA. Never did bother to change the hailing port. No tax bills. Dink was registered in LA (per mailing address) until we began work in FL, at which time we registered it and mothership in FL, bc FL laws require FL reg if boat is in FL > 90d regardless documentation (big boat numbers not needed for FL reg, just a small sticker indicating same; dink now has FL
  4. I dunno if elsewhere there are Dollar Tree stores, but the best UHT milk i've found comes from there, the brand is GOSSNER. Far superior in taste to any other brand IMO. Actually, provisioning at Dollar Tree is a great way to save money
  5. C-Head. Sandy, the owner/designer, is a good fella. The unit has been all as advertised. I like the enclosure which contains overflow when you get drunk and forget to empty (happened exactly once). 5-gal fecal bucket is easily cleaned and/or replaced and the urine jug is a gallon milk jug, also replaced when its plastic takes on scent. Depending where I may be, I keep aboard a couple plastic jugs to keep urine until disposal is convenient. Fecal dirt goes in the regular trash with the cat litter. I always like to describe desiccating toilets as 'cat litter for people.'
  6. Google broke, ay? There is a metric fuckton of ‘converts’ out in the interwebs
  7. I look to the parts of the world where refrigerators are (were) few, the weather is hot, and pressure cookers dominate: South Asia, ergo India and the Indo-Asia areas
  8. There is such a thing as a portable table. It has legs that fold. I fabricated a foam core table top that is light. The servo motor is the way to go. Consew offers a couple choices. I bought from this guy: Tel:+1 (330) 6921418 E-mail: neelre@comcast.net
  9. FIFY. FWIW, when I said ‘closed,’ I meant ‘glassed over.’ In my 7th year with the dessicator, five of them aboard full time, and all at sub-30N. Even if the damned thing stank, I’d keep it just for its simplicity.
  10. I have a composting head, so I closed my thruhulls and do not discharge regardless where I am
  11. This thread confirms that I’ll never go back to a holding tank
  12. I thought you were new to boating. At least that’s what you said in your other post.
  13. As a matter of fact… Pictured is Bobby the Viking’s dinghy. It ain’t easy being Keysey…
  14. I am informed that the Viking has arrived at the marina. More as it develops
  15. Moral bankruptcy aint innit, ay? —and come to think, since fecal matter is effectively hazmat, you may well come into legal issues. The fact it came from you being easily traceable via the rental contract, y’know …g.zeus…
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