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  1. What, are you offended by horse's ass jokes? What a politically correct snowflake - DSK
  2. Did you google "Ivermectin side effects"? How many gazillion hits? From the very top one, I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this. Looks pretty fuckin' serious, you can die of altered heart rythm among other things. Ivermectin Side Effects Medically reviewed by Drugs.com. Last updated on Mar 12, 2021. Consumer Professional FAQ In Summary Commonly reported side effects of ivermectin include: fever, pruritus, and skin rash. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects. For the Consumer Applies to iver
  3. For covid? How many has it cured of covid? Focus on the topic! Calling me a bullshitter doesn't make me one. What I post is actually fact. Seems to piss some people off though, why do you think that is? - DSK
  4. It's not that I think you support shootings, it's that there are so many. Pisses people off, makes them edgy, untrustful. Look at the way Republican Congressional baseball team acted a couple of years ago. - DSK
  5. Yeah, that ... and the shootings. - DSK
  6. I'm not AGAINST it's use, I am against the ADVOCATING it's use when it has zero proven benefit and a couple of harmful potential side effects. See the difference. If people are told the truth, then let them make their own decision. But making decisions based on lies is not good. Further study? Sure, knock yourself out. But don't make false claims, bullshitter. - DSK
  7. But you HAVE to take liars seriously, and give them a chance, or the RWNJs will think you're not being open-minded and fair. I'm willing to give people a chance and all but at some point, in the stream of never-ending lies and bullshit, I tune them out. Like Rush. - DSK
  8. You have to upgrade your bowman/elf-wizard skills high enough to get the "Untangle" spell. I think your tribe has to own an Unobtanium mine, too - DSK
  9. It's also difficult to accurately describe what a bunch of kleptocrats and bible-thumping dictator wanna-bees the Republicans are without sounding like you're exaggerating. Or just crazy as shit, yourself. It's a case of "they're far far worse than it appears." - DSK
  10. The inches you lose to increased drag add up for the whole race. You never get them back. Furthermore, every tactical situation you get into that depends on getting your nose into a defined spot, drag will make it more likely that you'll fall short of it and lose that encounter and thus drop one more place. Smooth is easy. People may not agree how much difference it makes, but they all agree there is no such thing as "too smooth." But smooth is misunderstood. The first step is fairing. Many people don't do that, and any gain they may make in surface finish is lost to the humps and ho
  11. A few S-boats have been fortunate to get complete, proper re-builds. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of RI co-owns one of those with Dyer Jones, former NYYC Commodore and AC race official. I only owned an S-boat for a couple of years, at which point I got the "bigger boat" bug. Realistically, however, I learned to sail on the S-boat. There are some wonderful lines in the S-boat description in the Herrreshoff Manufacturing Company "catalog" (Yachts by Herreshoff) of about 1937: "... The 'S' boats, while originally designed by Herreshoff for Class racing, are comfort
  12. Thanks BD. It's very true that the media is contributing to Biden's low polling. Not just the incessant trumpeting "DEMOCRAT=BAD!!" which is the entire content of about 60% of what's pushed, but the ones that try to be real journalists and say things like "Negotiations are in disarray." To say "Democrats want to fix bridges, provide childcare and lower drug costs. Republicans don’t want to stop them from doing this, and want to stop elections, and want to stop everything except pollution and military spending. These are political facts and voters should be aware of them" would be a l
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