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  1. It's a boost for people who want to use the bridge, but a drain on the country. But that's 'Normal and Cool' for the US, use public money to create private wealth. Depends on the state of interconnection in the macro economy. What that means: if it is cheaper and quicker for a farmer to move his eggs from his farm into the big city, the people in the city can buy eggs cheaper thus giving them more money to spend on other things. The farmer benefits. The egg buyers benefit. The people who sell other things benefit. - DSK
  2. If you don't get exposed, you can't get infected. - DSK
  3. Correct. North Vietnam invaded the South with more tanks than Hitler rolled into France. And despite years of propaganda to the contrary, there was no historic force of common culture. Viet Nam has been divided into two or three seperate countries for almost it's entire history before 1975. The North and the South have distinctly seperate ethnicity and culture. The main thing they have in common was being conquered and colonized by the French. - DSK
  4. Was he working for the FBI back then? I thought they invented AIDS? - DSK
  5. Any contagious disease yields to isolation. If people do not spread it, it doesn't spread. We NEED an up-and-running test-and-trace program, we needed it last February, and our chance to instate one in the wake of the vaccines was our best chance. It works best when numbers are small, when the disease exists in isolatable pockets. Now the shit is everywhere. The heck with Speaker-To-Animals, we need Speaker-To-Bullshitter-RWNJs. - DSK
  6. Trying to make this a piece of revisionist history won't work for anybody that's not a blind/dumb RWNJ like yourself. Goldwater campaigned with and against Nixon before Nixon won the Presidency. And he was also widely known and despised for his doings as Ike's Vice President. - DSK
  7. Yep, probably because you don't have a clue about money matters. No concept of what "sunk cost" means, nor has it occurred to you what a drag on the economy a loss of that infrastructure is........ - DSK
  8. I would give the credit to Ford, he was the only one who didn't have a death toll, and it was on his watch when it was over. So basically, Q U is trying to lie about 'Nixon wasn't -that- bad, except for the Watergate thing.' Nixon was a fucking disaster on all fronts, hello wage and price controls? etc etc etc - DSK
  9. If I had not spent the last 6 years increasingly sitting on local committees trying to get leaders of civic organizations to not make stupid, destructive, decisions, I'd probably agree with you. It's been a maddening but enlightening experience. Don't attribute to malice that which can easily be explained by stupidity. Of course almost all national-level Democrats are corporatists. It's who gives them money, it's who they talk to, it's who they see as their peers and their constituents. However, Democrats are not blatantly harming their voters with everything they do, and lying about
  10. Totally fits the Republican narrative, and the mindset they bought into long before Trump came along. Deliberately... gleefully... throw sand in the gears, then blame Democrats. "I'm not getting vaccinated and I will NEVER get vaccinated, and it is Joe Biden's fault for not convincing me!" The next Republican candidate for President should be Bashar al-Assad. - DSK
  11. You want the good news, or the bad news, first?? - DSK
  12. "Bring Out Your Dead" People who do not study... or "believe in" ... history are condemned to repeat it. - DSK
  13. The best thing for this country would be to break up that duopoly. But they are too big. ? Both parties are coalitions. They tend to absorb compatible... or less-incompatible-with-the-other factions and independent parties. The biggest difference used to be that Democrats fairly consistently believed that the government should govern for the people, Republicans consistently believed that gov't should govern for the benefit of business. Democrats have become more and more in favor of business, Republicans have abandoned any principles except hating Democrats. It's all
  14. Wait, what? I thought Biden was hopelessly senile? How can anything be his fault? - DSK
  15. When you tirelessly repeat a cycle of lies in an endless loop, you really don't need to whine. Just move on to the next lie and if anybody notices it's a repeat, deny that's what you're doing. At one point in time, well before Trump, Dog was actually a human being who posted about sailing and music and other stuff, and had a sense of humor. Always vigorously partisan anti-Democrat, though. - DSK
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