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  1. ?? You're correct ... for once I do not consider YOU an equal source of info, you're a dumbfuck who spread harmful lies when you're not just making shit up - DSK
  2. How can folks continually mistake gov't services and private industry? This was a stupid racist rant when he posted it the first time, now apparently he's on a repeat loop - DSK
  3. Modest proposals: audit trail on all legislation, like the red edit lines on word documents. Each bit of pork has a signature of the person paid to introduce it. Force legislators to wear the logos of their sponsors on their suits, like nascar drivers. have legislators work from their districts by zoom. Let the lobbyists travel to them. destroy citizens United. tax all political money at 100% Tax any church politicizing the pulpit. Regulate political advertising on social media and internet platforms as we used to
  4. Clearly I'm doing it wrong I have found that being a volunteer sailing coach is somewhat of an expensive hobby. Not as much as a TP-52 so that's good - DSK
  5. BLM official calls for investigation after founder Cullors buys $1.4 million home (yahoo.com) ?? "money grubbing socialists" how does that work? And the cited article is all speculation, although if it's true this person's only income is running the non-profit (no info) and is buying several expensive homes in different states, that looks kinda bad. Maybe Trump should hire her. She's clearly better at running a non-profit than he or his kids. - DSK
  6. No thanks I've lived and worked aboard a steel ship. Zero appeal to me, personally... and somehow that one does not exactly look like a babe magnet either. FB- Doug
  7. I do have an inverter, it's a cheapo RV unit which oddly has a "Marine U-L" stamp. It's got it's own 12V block-fuse and is a full sine wave inverter, supposedly. I installed it in a shielded location anyway. Rule of thumb for charger size, 150% of amp-hours for the battery bank to fully recharge. In other words, if you have a 400 amp-hour battery bank, a 40amp charger should fully recharge it in 15 hours 10 hours x 40 amps = 400 + 5 hours x 40 amps = 200 I like to use conventional lead-acid batteries because they are less expensive and readily available everywhere, so
  8. For the hot tub? It probably just has double spreaders FB- Doug
  9. That's incorrect. They were a militia that was recognized and armed by the colonial gov'ts of New Hampshire and Connecticut, both of who wanted to keep New York from grabbing the territory; and later commissioned by the Continental Congress. It's also the unofficial name of the Vermont national Guard, which I would guess is actually a well regulated militia nowadays https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Mountain_Boys You RWNJs would really benefit from learning some actual real history - DSK
  10. At some point we need to heal the divide in this country. The vast majority of the masses have much more in common with each other than with the relatively small group of people using their media and other resources to foment the aforementioned divide. A lot of white people seem very thin-skinned about the idea that dark-skinned people are really & truly their equals and their viewpoints are equally valid - DSK
  11. Because "well regulated militias" hire lobbyists and deploy massive public-relations campaigns to influence the government - DSK
  12. Huh Do they include "hygiene" in "grooming standards"? I would like the ability to discriminate against the unbathed. - DSK
  13. Good one Word of the week... "hovel" I just hang out here for the vocabulary - DSK
  14. They would get it from the clinic that gives the vaccine, or from their regular health care provider who would of course have their vaccination record I wonder where bigoted dick-heads are going to get their vaccine passports from... well actually never mind I don't give a shit about that - DSK
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