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  1. I would prefer ~17 years ago You "coming out" as RWNJ parrot, maybe inspired by your hero Boothie? Gotta be Trump or nothing? Hate is not good for you. Nor is dumb, reactionary, shallow, only-2-possibility, type thinking (if you call it that) - DSK
  2. BLAM!! Another round right thru the ol' metatarsal. Bummer. Better reload When/where did I say either 1- the "the Democrat agenda" (as if they were organized enough to even have one) is the best plan OR 2- we should stay longer in Afghanistan? - DSK
  3. Do you know anything other than spitting out insults? Not a convincing argument for people who are not charmed by expressions of hatred - DSK
  4. Sorry, no I don't "trust you" You're druggie gun nut who apparently has fled the US, and can barely put a sentence together, and are totally zapped on hatred. You write some funny shit but that doesn't make you smart or right, and it also does not over rule the hateful spewage you continue to pour out You should take a walk and enjoy some peaceful time to think things over... and lay off the shit - DSK
  5. wait... what? Being around 'the vaccinated' is causing these have bleeding/clotting? Umm, does this "Dr" person realize that bleeding is the OPPOSITE of clotting? And that people who have been vaccinated do not emit some kind of mysterious 'vaccine ray" that will affect the gullible/stupid people around them? - DSK
  6. Hey, just because they shoot themselves in the foot, that doesn't make it their OWN fault y'know - DSK
  7. So.... ^this^ is your idea of using fact and reasoning to support your political opinions? And an expression of your superior intelligence? - DSK
  8. Which is worse? Being a woman Being a Democrat Being black Publicly expressing hatred of a fellow human being simply on the basis of one of the above ?? - DSK
  9. I always begin classes with the terminology of basic boat parts. Once the student can find their way around the boat and knows at least most of the major compenents, we start showing them how some of it works With the youth class in Optis, I have kids skippering in open water on day 2 and bringing the boat to a controlled stop on day 3. If they are proficient bringing the boat to a stop, they can sail into the dock and can be offically called skippers... we made this into a badge of honor and they try hard to earn it. A repeat of one of my favorite stories... I helped start the youth
  10. Sincere condolences. Sounds like you all did a good job with what was possible, to keep spirits up and to feel close. It's a good thing to live so that you ahve no regerets FB- Doug
  11. The dog before that one, as an unhappy puppy and then relatively content adult, cruising. Actually, I think in the first pic he was just sleepy, not disgruntled. Small-boat cold-weather cruising tip... bring an 85 pound dog with you. Warms up the cabin marvelously. Let him swim in the morning and give him all afternoon to dry out, though... breed-specific, this particular dog loved to swim more than he liked to eat. Docks and gangways are a problem. A lot of times, the grates hurt their feet. Other times, the view down thru the walkway is scary. We had dogs too big to carry, but that's a
  12. I just had a thought... I wonder if Detroit can build automobiles with the same power source as the RWNJs' goalposts? It would be marvelously efficient and better for the environment - DSK
  13. Mikey is still bullshitting up a storm, along with a few other bizarro wankers, over in the COVID threads. I'm afraid you're right. Unfortunately there's more than one in every crowd - DSK
  14. Umm, the science that 17 years olds catch and spread the virus? Pretty difficult advanced stuff for you - DSK
  15. Crewing generally does not teach the skills needed to be a skipper. Unfortunately, most sailing schools I know of do not graduate students that are prepared to take on real sailing tasks without a good bit of hand-holding. Part of it is experience, but most of it is the attitude and method(s) of the instructor. Most sailing instructors are shitty teachers and very few are good sailors to start with. What can you expect from ASA graduates? That they will have less cash available. - DSK
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