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  1. That chart is based on income. Not wealth. Makes a huge difference. Congressional lobbyist’s and tax accounting magic. If only the lower classes could compete with the rigged system. Well, it's essentially a bar graph in pretty colors that PROVES the rich should have their taxes lowered. So you know it's bullshit from the start. You can fool some of the people ALL the time. - DSK
  2. This isn't about me. It's about you and your ridiculous anti-vax covid-denying bullshit. ... BTW the 50% reduction was in relation to hospitalisation rate from 14% to 7%. Uh huh. And the people who lived who would otherwise have died certainly applaud your math skills. Doesn't change the facts - DSK
  3. Yeah, because drugs that cut the fatality of a disease in half are so rarely approved. I'm sure you could invent a MUCH better drug if you tried. - DSK
  4. Did any of them assault the Capitol police or threaten to hang the the current Vice President? - DSK
  5. Where did you get your degree in molecular microbiology? - DSK
  6. I'm sorry if Dr. Fauci hurt your feelings because he's a real doctor and he's much smarter than you. His duty is to public health, as guided by the best scientific evidence available. You however have no responsibility and can enjoy slagging people you hate for frivolous reasons. - DSK
  7. How about a Gallup poll? https://www.tremr.com/rchusid/gallup-poll-shows-78-of-democrats-mistakenly-believe-russia-changed-election-results ... That's a very different thing than Russian election interference. The reason most Dems "believe" that Russia interfered with the 2016 election is because several US intel services agree they did; and it was also documented by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller (remember him). Did the Russians -change- the election result, very unlikely. You need to improve your bait-n-switch game. - DSK
  8. Yeah, my stunt double did not like that scene. But I thought you'd appreciate my putting that in for you, after the bastard was in another movie with your sister - DSK
  9. Chains? WTF? There are no "chains" in that song. Also that word "conscientiousness" does not mean what you apparently think it means. We must have delivered you a pizza with the wrong kind of mushrooms on it........ - DSK
  10. Well well, that's quite a coincidence. Just the other day I was acting in a porn movie and the plot, such as it was, involved a pizza delivery lady. - DSK
  11. They were actually. And if the Trumpalos win, that's exactly how the Jan 6th nincomcoups will be portrayed... brave patriotic men and women who were the first wave of standing up against Democrats tyranny. - DSK
  12. I'm sure they're waving offers under her nose. - DSK
  13. O-oh! If anything will bring the OP back, that will. So, we're pretty much all the way down into slagging and mockery, now? I want to make sure before I lose any brownie points FB- Doug
  14. It's another expensive fragile toy that will neither become a one-design class, nor beat a Melges 32 FB- Doug
  15. https://www.birds.cornell.edu/home/bring-birds-back Nearly 3 Billion Birds Gone A new study finds steep, long-term losses across virtually all groups of birds in the U.S. and Canada The birds belong to all of us. Your cat should leave them the fuck alone. An indoor/outdoor cat is an outdoor cat. Keep them indoors... or on a leash... if you want to keep them. Now complain about coyotes and cars - DSK
  16. Thanks Mike, I can get bamboo for free from a neighbor's yard! Why didn't I think of this. Just have to encourage the neighbor to keep digging it up around the boundary to keep it from spreading. FB- Doug
  17. Not really. I am an apex predator, though. I didn't kill the cat out of hatred so much as to prevent him from killing birds at my birdfeeder AGAIN. This cat was a repeat offender. Cat owners who let their cats roam free are turning their cats loose into Nature, so let Nature do it's worst. My popping him at the base of the skull with an air rifle was a lot more humane than a coyote eating him, or a car hitting him, his other 2 most likely fates. - DSK
  18. ^ Misleading ^ Tthe vaccine(s) very significantly reduce transmission. A vaccinated person is far less likely than an unvaccinated person to be contagious. There are several reasons, the reduced opportunity that the virus has to achieve a level of infection that produces free virions in their exhale, the fact that virions they exhale are likely to be at least partially covered in immune-system products, and -if- they do get to the level of producing/exhaling infectious virus (approx 1/20th the likelyhood of an unvaccinated person), they remain at that level for a much shorter time. O
  19. That still increments the ship's inertia... cumulative motion, right? Don't answer if it means you have to shoot me. - DSK
  20. I dunno, I think a lot of DemonRats understand the big picture pretty well. It's just that 1- you have a better chance of winning by gathering allies and 2- staging a counter-coup and hanging Trump from a lamp post will destroy our republic just as thoroughly as Trump would. Using the "normal channels" and police are really the best hope IMHO. Especially since so many RWNJ cops are refusing vaccine and getting dumped. - DSK
  21. I shot a kitty in my back yard this morning. Predators understand inherently that they are also prey - DSK
  22. Not with voters. He was completely crackers in 2016, by any rational/sane standard. Trumpalos love them some cray-cray. Especially with a side of treason. And that may be his hold on the donors, if they think he can summon primary wins for his fascist nutball clique, he really can sieze power and reward them (the behind-the-scenes guys) with untold wealth and power. That is the game here. They really think they can sweep the table, and it's fully possible they're correct. - DSK
  23. Because it's better than injecting bleach or shoving lightbulbs up your ass, or eating pool cleaner tablets, or swallowing horse dewormer paste, which is the best they got. They're jealous! - DSK
  24. Subs use inertial nav when submerged. Very, very, VERY good inertial nav. They keep plots of where they, or other subs have gone before, so if they didn't bump into a rock last time they followed this track, they can follow it again at high speed. Unless the bottom contour changes..... - DSK
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