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  1. If you want to live in a society that is >75% illiterate, then yeah. Sounds great. - DSK
  2. First of all, the word "Lancer" and the word "classic" do not belong in a sentence together. But hey, this boat has great cruising capability with lots of stuff like a working kitchen sink! - DSK
  3. Does this mean that you -finally- understand how it works, and why it should not be within the Supreme Court's power to say whether or not abortion is illegal (or under what circumstances)? I'm betting "not" - DSK
  4. The ones that don't specifically grant the state gov't the power to regulate women's medical procedures. - DSK
  5. There was one of these for sale in Deltaville, Virginia for years. It was kind of run down when first listed and just sat for at least a decade. Everything on it needed updating and I think any potential buyers just saw the dollars flying out of their pockets. Dunno if it's still there. - DSK
  6. Dang, keeping an enduro bike on a Catalina 27 is kind of an accomplishment. I wonder why the 3 sails need trimming? - DSK
  7. For me. Do you wear glasses? - DSK
  8. Well, it certainly failed you. Many of us came out of it much better though. If the public education system were abolished, who do you suppose would be available to work in high tech jobs... or even ones that required basic readin' writing' and arithmetic, in 10 or 20 or 50 years? - DSK
  9. Did they teach you that in law school? Did they teach you that states also have constitutions, too? - DSK
  10. All the parts where it doesn't say the government can regulate medical procedures for women - DSK
  11. Any time in a historical account, you read the phrase "The people of (insert Country XXX here) rose up and overthrew the leader ZZZ" then you know there is a heck of a lot more to the story. OTOH Ukraine does have a history seperate from the USSR. They deserve to have a country and not be invaded and conquered by their neighbors. - DSK
  12. Agreed. Seemed like a nice guy, but too old and too backwards-looking to be President. I can only imagine what he thought of Brownback, much less Trump. His gift to the Republican Party was to demonstrate that a Republican cannot win without acting like a hateful looney; to reinforce this message his wife won a Senate seat here in NC by putting on a religious-zealot act and making all sorts of wild accusations of communism and lesbianism etc etc against her Democratic opponent. - DSK
  13. Amash opposes abortion rights. The Libertarian Partay opposes publicly financed sewerage. The only Libertarian politician I have known personally won a seat on the county school board. His policy, announced only after the election, was to try and abolish public schools. Was not successful - DSK
  14. Excellent link, thanks. So far, it's still too early to say that Omicron is less severe, but there's not much basis to conclude it's more severe either. One thing is that there's not a surge in patients on ventilators or dependent on oxygen. Lingering organ damage still a strong possibility, it's the same virus after all. - DSK
  15. It sounds like your friend's wants and his wallet are not in alignment with each other. If you want to buy something, you can only do so at a price that sellers offer. Of course you can make an offer on boats for sale, or even ones that are not for sale, but current asking prices are the best guide. A boat that's a few grand less, but will need trailer work and sails, is not a bargain. Come on, you know all this stuff! - DSK
  16. Same reason 2A nutters won’t. Rights are always easy to take away from “others.” Hell, it’s why there is a BoR in the first place. thought you said you were a lawyer? JZK is a liar, of course. He's said a lot of shit including that he didn't support Trump. As for "giving the abortion issue to the people," I don't think liberals are "afraid" of that as much as having it decided by Republican politicians with zero accountability. Considering the Bill of Rights thing, I don't see the clause that allows any government to regulate womens medical procedures. - DS
  17. The problem is how to get aid to the people who need it, without handing it over to the new warlords. The Taliban is perfectly happy to let Afghans starve if it means keeping their power. Radio news program last week interviewed a bunch of people including the current director of a big medical charity organization in Kabul, a couple of Taliban "spokesmen," and a few people who were working in Afghanistan up until the US pullout this summer. The Taliban blamed foreign governments, of course. The medical director said that he wanted access to Afghanistani funds that foreign gov'ts had
  18. This is pretty well written, and IMHO accurate, but it can be put more simply and directly and in capitalist terms. The possessive individual, and the corporation, both have shed the whole concept of the market as a two-way transaction when it comes to labor. Yes the obligation of the employer to the employee, as human beings, has been discarded, and that's not goog. The slum lord attitude has become predominant, and affects political attitudes. Extraction of maximum wealth for minimum value paid out, with zero regard for future conditions. It's one step away from outright robbery.
  19. A good reason to stay awake in 3rd grade English class (4th grade for most trumpalos, some of whome probably had to repeat both grades). - DSK
  20. So, he's a Republican candidate now? He might come in handy at the next insurrection - DSK
  21. OK, sorry guys but I am going to interrupt the booze discussion with another ad to mock. Put down the Old Headache-In-A-Bottle for a moment..... https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/boa/d/delta-sailboat-racer/7416412523.html sailboat racer - $3,600 (delta) nice lookin racing sailboat, about 36',comes with 4 sets of sails has gimble propane stove,sellin for guy so know nothing except it runs good and needs interior work,it floats so u just need to tow it with boat or trailer or i can tow it,may rent space and u or i will fix, p
  22. If the Keys croc has made a comeback, that's cool. They need to get started on eating those pythons, though. We have alligators around here, I've seen some 7~8 footers. Warning signs posted around the tourists areas but as far as anybody knows, officially, they've never attacked a human. I'm not planning on tempting them. - DSK
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