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  1. It's an IOR boat but I hope you don't mind if I cross-post this to the Mocking Craigslist Ads thread: nice lookin racing sailboat, about 36',comes with 4 sets of sails has gimble propane stove,sellin for guy so know nothing except it runs good and needs interior work,it floats so u just need to tow it with boat or trailer or i can tow it,may rent space and u or i will fix, posible $300 a month to moor it and i can maybe fix it as i know how to fix boat,s,and only cost $50 per hour for boat repair,veiwing by appointment only.may have stuff to repair it.the history of boat ,it,s a 33' mull
  2. Then why are you trying to "put it in perspective" to make others accept it? - DSK
  3. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I would not take his word. Trumpalos worship a lying crook. They think that lying is good when -they- do it. Deceiving others and cheating out of money, especially, is how they prove their superiority to us non-trumpalos. Your choice is between making him angry by demanding proof, or accepting risk. I love my brother but I would refuse to die for the sake of his delusions and dysfunctions. - DSK
  4. My understanding is that the Keys Crocodile is quite rare and somewhat timid. The Australian salties swim out to sea and eat sharks when they can't get tourists - DSK
  5. Uh oh Does this mean the war is still on? Paging Lt. Hiroo Onoda... Lt. Onoda to the white courtesy phone, please - DSK
  6. That's the purpose of 'Stand your Ground", runover the protester, open carry and "Make my Day" laws. Thanks I was wondering if I read this correctly, the "Make My Day" law. Really? And they're not encouraging RWNJs with violent fantasies? No not a bit. - DSK
  7. Rep. Jordan is one of the GOP's "best players". Oh. My. God. You have to be kidding. He was selected to disrupt the proceedings with distract and deflect. Rep. Gym Jordan -is- one of the Republicans best players. He's at the top of the game when it comes to yelling lies, flinging bullshit, hurling mindless insults, and peddling a fictional narrative beloved of RWNJs. Having him on the 1/6 Committee would be like putting Al Capone on the banking committee, except that Al Capone would be more polite and less disruptive. - DSK
  8. It seems you have trouble understanding that there is a committed rw segment of society that is itching to accidentally find themselves 'threatened' in such an event and more than willing to exercise 'rats' to further their cause. Not really, chum(p) is a RWNJ shill. He's got the same "trouble" with pushing the stupid anti-vax agenda. - DSK
  9. Upmarket suburban high schools are dark places. I wasn't less happy than most. Didn't die of anorexia, didn't overdose on heroin, didn't actually shoot myself in the head -- all of which happened to friends. If we are playing Silver Linings, I am (in adulthood) untroubled by the faintest pangs of nostalgia, which I hear is like homesickness, which apparently exists. Xxxxxx Academy was strong variolation against morbus sentimentalis. Ah so, this is true. Not very sentimental myself, I have never been to any reunion of the school(s) I attended. There are some friends from that era I'v
  10. Too bad. Whata part of ANARCHY do you not quite understand? I notice that you left out the part where you have actual facts, and a well-reasoned argument against vaccines and mandating same. This is why you're nattering on trying to distract the world with rants about smoking. - DSK
  11. Didn't forget, just didn't see this thread until now. Definitely a contender, SamuraiGuitarist Doesn't this make you want to become a better guitar player? Another contender but I don't know his name, the border patrol officer who let my wife use the bathroom while we were checking in but not officially allowed into Canada yet, back in 2014 or thereabouts. - DSK
  12. The biggest reason Carter "failed" is that just like every other Democratic President since Woodrow Wilson, the Republicans systematically obstructed and undermined him. - DSK
  13. Chump. Thing is, nobody is forcing Chum(p) or his family, if any, to put anything in their bodies. Just setting conditions to protect ourselves. You don't have to get vaccinated. But you don't have the right to go into a crowded public place and put MY family at risk, unless you do. Kind of like how you can't drive a car on public roads unless you have a license. Chum(p) and his fellow anti-vaxxers are insisting on the equivalent of the right to fire a gun in any direction at random, without the bother of taking responsibility for where the bullet may go. - DSK
  14. Starts, hell, we're more than halfway down the road now. - DSK
  15. And FDR didn't put the Japanese on the Pearl Harbor Investigating Committee - DSK
  16. No money would suffice. The sole reason I would ever attend a high school reunion is to twist the detonator handle. Dang, that's a really dark view, bro. Hopefully there were some good times, too. A pet? - DSK
  17. You're still pushing that anti-vax bullshit, hoping that others will be ignorant and prejudiced enough to fall for it so that they'll suffer harm. What the fuck is wrong in your head, that makes you want to harm and possibly kill other people? - DSK
  18. Jeff is struggling against his inner gayness. Forgive him. - DSK
  19. Maybe it just the kind of people you choose to associate with, you know, lay down with dogs.... So, as well as deliberately pushing harmful fiction, you can't read very well? No surprise. Did I say I chose to associate with people like that, or did I say that I stopped a sport I enjoyed in order to NOT associate with people like that? It's not for you to decide, it's for you to decipher.... from plain English dumbass - DSK
  20. And you know this, how? Frankly people like this are exactly why I dropped out of shooting as a hobby. Scary, stupid fuckheads. IMHO they're about average for US gun enthusiasts. - DSK
  21. No you are far more unethical than the sleaziest lawyer I ever heard of. Generally when you make up fictional stories about drugs killing people, and seek to publish same, the drug companies take a dim view. - DSK
  22. I’m thinking too hot in Florida they might have too repurpose the white robes. I'm thinking jodhpurs looks pretty damn stupid even in the modeler's sketches. Who would wear those? - DSK
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