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  1. Didn't mean to be pompous, just pointing out that every generation thinks it discovered/invented sex. One of my wife's coworkers insisted to me that there was no such thing as a lesbian before the 1960s. My grandmother used to say, do whatever you want, as long as you're not hurting anybody else and you're not doing it in the street & scaring the horses. There's a club for that. Unless you meant "optometrist". There's a club for that, too. Maybe he meant "octomist"? - DSK
  2. Did you ask them for their apple pie recipe? - DSK
  3. Isn't that the new normal? For the sarcasm impaired, I went back and installed the purple font. Normally I'm too lazy - DSK
  4. How condescending. It's not "all too confusing" except for those who already have a hard time with non-Moms-Apple-Pie gender roles. There's really nothing new in the way of human sexuality, there is only ignorance of the past. - DSK
  5. The case stands for the proposition that the government can order vaccination. Under the idea that if interstate commerce is involved, it can be the federal government that orders it. That's the law. There's also a law that you can kill somebody if they are threatening your life. Self-defense. Shoot all the anti vaxxers. Problem solved. - DSK
  6. Rather few US towns had open sewers in the 1940s and early 1950s when there was a polio epidemic. Polio is not a "gut disease." How can a "gut disease" cause crippled legs? There is so much wrong with you. - DSK
  7. "Barely function" at a higher level than most. Yeah we know the RWNJ spew-machine is pumping out the narrative that Biden is a feeble half-senile old man but they're full of shit like always. You believe 'em, though He can walk down a ramp, drink a glass of water... hell he can ride a bicycle while making answering questions. And he has a dog - DSK
  8. Some people die from eating the wrong mushrooms, too. But how many? Is it as big a problem as people dying in car wrecks? Should we drop all efforts at hiway safety and focus on mushroom safety? Yeah, people are murdered with more than just guns. But without the easy access to guns, there would be far less of it. - DSK
  9. Are the stabbings per capita in the UK as high as gun deaths per capita? I don't know, so this question is only partly to push an agenda. FWIW I strongly agree that there is a huge problem with public morals in the US, where killing people is seen as OK. - DSK
  10. I don't think so, he'd almost certainly beat Joe Biden in a primary if he could run... if his health were better and his pants stayed zipped. - DSK
  11. I don't live in a hole deprived of the light of reason, which says that you consistently spout the same Foxy! Yay-Trump nonsense, only more vigorously and with less common sense than many... of the trumpalos here on SA/PA there are only two or three who've said they voted for Trump. Even our loyal Dog claimed he didn't vote for Trump. - DSK
  12. Just give everybody a gun, even if they don't want one. Let God sort them out - DSK
  13. Over the past ~10 years, I've had a high school sailing class which includes a lot of kids with names that are far outside the corn-fed American mainstream. Difficult to remember, difficult to pronounce, once we get past the initial stages I ask them directly what they like me to call them and I try hard to get it right. OTOH, one of my wife's best friends has a husband who has got some dietary weirdness, -always- a hassle at meals, AND he is apparently descended from some Eastern European ethnicity that he insists on giving lessons about. Fortunately they have moved away, but it was diff
  14. Yep. This took the 25th A out of the picture. We got a lesson in mental health... a bunch of crazies on the Cabinet are not going to remove a President for being crazy. New news, last couple weeks or so, apparently Pence did try to drum up a 25th A removal of Trump. No go. - DSK
  15. Well said. Although, I have no qualms about which pronoun an individual prefers. It's a small thing and seems to be quite important to that individual. Agree completely, with the caveat that I would like to extend the curtesy of calling people what they'd prefer to be called. There are always a few with the mental aberration of getting pissy about what other people call them when no discurtesy is intended and nobody had any idea beforehand. Kind of like the new associate who waits until dinner is being served to announce that he's a vegetarian and not only is he angr
  16. Please provide the number of Nobel laureates from Texas v. California. Sluggo is not the one you want judging your level of education. - DSK
  17. With just a very few exceptions, "Libertarian" means just another RWNJwho thinks the rich should not have to pay taxes, and hates Democrats. They pat themselves on the back for being more intellectually pretentious than trumpalos, but they're eager to jump aboard the same bus. - DSK
  18. Anybody who could write the phrase "Trump’s maddening insouciance" is an over-educated twerp, trying to justify why he supports a candidate who openly supports neo-Nazis and the KKK, and did such an abysmal job running the country that the only person who is better off was him... and not by much, when Trump is reduced to grifting from his followers. A odd outcome for "a successful businessman." - DSK
  19. When a man named Clinton was President. To say "There is no party of fiscal responsibility...." is simply more Both-Side-erism giving yourself an excuse for voting TeamR! The parties are not equal, one is more fiscally responsible than the other. - DSK
  20. Example? My gut and daily exposure suggests they believe what they say. Most of the ones we see here in PA, do. But the people they get it from are a bunch of cynical exploiters, in it for the money and the power (and no doubt, some because they really do hate America). The best known example would be Fox News spreading covid dinsinfo while requiring their employees to get vaxed. - DSK
  21. I have to say, I don't follow pop-media pundits much, but Dr. Phil and Suze Orman don't set off any alarms for me. Their advice is not applicable to me. Last time I saw Suze Orman giving a talk on household finance, it seemed pitched at a level for people who are kind of unclear about pretty simple basic stuff, and what she was saying was mostly correct. - DSK
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