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  1. Seems like CRW will be the most attended Covid sailing event to date. At the pandemic winds down this it the first big turn out.
  2. No one? That's not what Yachtscoring says!
  3. Who's in? Will there be much of a party? Charleston town open?
  4. Yep, IL DNR. Don't "forget" to pay your sales tax or they will hit you with a penalty!
  5. Just saying, masking is the right way to do it. If you need to rent a storage trailer and park it by the boat so be it.
  6. One thing that struck me about their repair work immediately was the lack of masking off on the rest of the boat. Even their TV and woodwork is covered in fiberglass dust. It's toxic and itchy and impossible to wipe / blow off as get all if it out. Why didn't they mask off their work area like this guy did. Seems so basic. No different than doing a drywall job in your house to stop the dust going everywhere!
  7. One word: Youth If you club looks and feels like Caddy Shack you are on the wrong side of history.
  8. Thanks for all the responses and enthusiasm. My take away is that yes they are still cool. I can't wait to earn one at the next NOOD event.
  9. It's worth $18K as a Wednesday Night Beer Canner. Old tech. Not worth paying for new sails so use what is there then sell it on the a lower budget program who will do the same.
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