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  1. Yes probably solid state relay. Only need mechanical relays on high voltage applications.
  2. Race boat? What normally keep me awake off watch on a distance race is the winch grinding 3 ft above my head! This seem far down the list of things that make noise offshore.
  3. Good eye on the hailing port, didn't catch that one! If you are state registered you don't need one but I don't see state bow numbers so if it is USGC registered it is indeed missing the 3" tall hailing port.
  4. Bit of a trick question, as I was initially surprised by the terrible crew weight distribution that is often seen on PHRF boats and closer resembles a church picnic than a race crew, until I realized they were headless and not racing... Still, I found 3 items in the photo beyond the Mount Gay hat sightings. 1. Horse Shoe Mounting (As identified by @Chris in Santa Cruz, CA) 2. They are heading south with the Chicago Skyline on their Starboard side which is clearly the wrong way to Mac Island (As identified by @coyotepup) 3. The crew on sitting on the dog house is already dr
  5. It's always cool to be featured in a photo for an ad or event unless the photo looks like this! Besides the Mount Gay Rum hats which haven't been cool since the late 90's, there are at least 3 fundamental sailing mistakes in this picture. Curious if others can spot them before I through in my 2 cents!
  6. It's sailing! Super niche activity (sport?). You won't get 50,000 views of anything sailing. Even the AC probably didn't get that despite what hey might have like to portray of the "millions of viewers". In short, most people don't give a fuck about sailing. With all that said, I though the videos were well done and entertaining, but I'm the minority, not the YouTube majority!
  7. Seems like CRW will be the most attended Covid sailing event to date. At the pandemic winds down this it the first big turn out.
  8. No one? That's not what Yachtscoring says!
  9. Who's in? Will there be much of a party? Charleston town open?
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