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  1. On 4/20/2021 at 8:21 PM, Editor said:

    Pretty much. Too expensive to produce, too few views to make any money, advertisers don't seem interested. Patreon is a bust.

    While I suppose I don't mind doing these for free, Nobelman Productions can't continue donating their work forever. 

    We were hoping that if we made enough of these on a consistent basis, we would get enough traction via you tube views, but it never happened. 

    Getting around 12,000 views per video isn't shit in the You Tube world. You Tube can make decent money, but at numbers like 50,000 views and up.

    What makes it doubly frustrating, besides the reality that no one really cares, is the whole host of absolute shit sailing videos like "Sailing Doodles"  featuring a total douchebag, his homely gf and her huge saggy tits and their fucking labradoodle dogs sailing around on their piggy boat. The vids are so fucking awful it is hard to believe, yet they get hundreds of thousands of views per video, making serious coin.

    I know that plenty of people don't like me, and that our vids have limited appeal, but it is really disappointing that these videos just didnt connect with a larger audience.

    I'm sure that we'll still make them on occasion, but as a going thing, at this rate, I don't see it being sustainable.

    It's sailing! Super niche activity (sport?). You won't get 50,000 views of anything sailing. Even the AC probably didn't get that despite what hey might have like to portray of the "millions of viewers". In short, most people don't give a fuck about sailing. 

    With all that said, I though the videos were well done and entertaining, but I'm the minority, not the YouTube majority!

  2. 17 minutes ago, alphafb552 said:

    Probably helps that this boat is being worked on in a shed - so it doesn't have to do double duty as storage for tools and materials.

    Just saying, masking is the right way to do it. If you need to rent a storage trailer and park it by the boat so be it.

  3. On 2/13/2021 at 8:06 PM, boatcat65 said:

    Here's a guy having to make the same repair on a similar boat.  It's being done "professionally" in that he's paying a repair yard to carry out the work.  Aside from working a whole lot cleaner it looks like exactly the same approach.  Owner seems to know what he's doing- including the trade-offs, etc.


    One thing that struck me about their repair work immediately was the lack of masking off on the rest of the boat. Even their TV and woodwork is covered in fiberglass dust. It's toxic and itchy and impossible to wipe / blow off as get all if it out. Why didn't they mask off their work area like this guy did. Seems so basic. No different than doing a drywall job in your house to stop the dust going everywhere!

    boat repair.jpg

  4. 57 minutes ago, AJ Oliver said:

    In doing your planning for the future of your sailing club, 

    what are the main variables - opportunities and threats, if you will - that you examine ?? 

    Just trying to make sure we are not missing something .  . . . 

    Thanks in advance !!  

    One word: Youth

    If you club looks and feels like Caddy Shack you are on the wrong side of history.

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  5. 6 hours ago, 10thTonner said:

    Try racing a 10,000€ Dragon against a 150,000€ Dragon with pro crew. Then come back and tell us about OD, best man wins etc... 

    Comes down to boat prep. Your tired need to be full of air before you get on the race track or you are waiting your time and for that matter your crew's Saturday too.
    As for an amateur crew racing against pros? This is a positive, you can only get better doing this.

  6. 15 hours ago, SF Woody Sailor said:

    This is a silly observation. Maybe you are fortunate enough in your neck of the woods to have several one design keelboat fleets from which to choose, but here in SF Bay (which is not exactly an obscure corner of the sailing world) there are very few competitive one design keelboats between 30 feet and 50 feet. The J/105 has a good one design fleet but is a lousy boat in every other respect. The Express 37 is a great boat and a good fleet, but it is an old design, and the fleet is certainly not going to grow. That is about it.

    Otherwise you are racing handicap.

    I would rather race bathtubes OD than a Farr 400 handicap! We all know J/105's are slow pigs but it that is the local OD boat then that is what you race if you want to get better at winning. Racing PHRF is "fun" for Wed Nights or "Learn to Sail" programs. You learn how to rig a boat, which way the winches turn, and some other basic big boat things but you can't learn the last 20% which is the difference between sailing a raceboat and racing a sailboat!

  7. 51 minutes ago, SCANAS said:

    The topic is what is considered running a “good program” not how to win OD. 

    FWIW we have collected the owner plenty of IRC podiums inshore & offshore, can’t ask for much more from a bunch of weekend warrior mates racing mixed fleet. 

    OD was assumed. Unless you are racing mixed matched 90 footers, anything under 50 foot should be OD or it's a waist of a Saturday! Best man wins, the best rating or best conditions for the day for that rating.

  8. 16 minutes ago, JoeO said:

    This is an example of behaviors not matched to the goals, compounded by a failure to objectively assess performance against the goals.

    We've all met the posers, dressed out of he pages of an old Team 1 Newport catalog, loud of mouth, short of knowledge, bereft of humility.  I just smile, nod my head at them, and walk on by, carrying my old Line 7 duffel bag, stuffed with dividers, protratctor, hand-bearing compass (analog) , coupla paper charts, waxed twine, spare hydraulic oil...

    There has to be an old Mount Gay hat in there somewhere. You have been around long enough to have one from the old days when they were legitimately cool (<2000)!

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  9. 2 minutes ago, JoeO said:

    The smart-ass answer is a good program achieves 75-80% of its goals,  a great program achieves 95+% of its goals, while a mediocre program achieves 50% or less of it's goals. Kind of like employees....

    As others have said, the context/criteria are provioded by what the specific goals are...

    Why do so many "beer" programs proclaim they are hard core racers then and surprised when they don't do well?! Beers on the dock in the morning or between races. Old rags, full fuel tanks, ect...

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