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  1. Curious on thoughts around running a "good program".... 1. The Boat: Is it reasonable to assume anyone who is putting effort into a "good program" maintains their boat to a suitable level? Lines refreshed, sails competitive, bottom in good shape? How about the boat type? OD vs. a mismatched PHRF toy? 2. The Crew: If the owner puts the effort in to have a good boat, is the expectation to have good crew? I'm not necessarily talking about pros, but crew than can or have done all positions bow to stern and have some small boat history such as high school or college. Roll tacks, boat weig
  2. Sad to hear. I had a couple friends that used to race on his J/35 and Farr 395 back in the glory days so I met him a few times.
  3. From the press release they just talked about the hull structure acting like a "cheese cutter" and punching out the hull on impact. I struggle with this as it is a very localized hull and this only occurred in one place. I wonder if AM is doing damaging control and there is either batteries or hydraulic fluid drum at the bottom of the bay that will cost them a pretty penny with environmental cleanup fine?
  4. Agreed on this series. I have enjoyed the "video reviews and light hearted commentary." I think it is WAY better than any content on the front page. Maybe Ed should just post a new boat review a week and make that the home page.
  5. Yep. Normal stuff. Once the Mount Gay Red Hat wearing retirees staff big boats without young guys to take the loads fingers can get lost.
  6. For used toys which is a cheaper program to run TP52 (PHRF) or SC70? Benefits? TP52 - Less Crew, Less Sandwiches, Smaller / Fewer Sails?, Cheaper Yard Bills, Dockage SC70 - Cheaper Boat May have some of the above wrong.
  7. They should set them instead of tinkering. The term "good enough" very applicable.
  8. What does US Sailing do anymore?! RRS are set just leave them alone! In the old days I would pay me $20 / year and get the Sailing World mag and my US Sailing number when those numbers mattered at "competitive events". Now does anyone care? The "sport" is largely managed at a local level now.
  9. Covid vaccine now in distribution. Anyone want to take a stab at the following.... 1. When will "the rest" who are not high risk get vaccinated? By April, May, June? 2. How does the 2021 Sailing Season look? Same as the end of this past one with "some" racing or will there be some sense of normalcy and parties by mid summer?
  10. Is it cool? Hanging this up is about as cool as wearing a Mount Gay Hat!
  11. Seems like a logical first step after dropping the keel. The damage occurred from the outside of the hull so seems like the best place to start to assess the impact on the inside.
  12. Based on this imagery and the comments above I think it would be foolish not to sand off bottom paint under the aft keel section and see if the hull has spider cracks. Keel off now, wouldn't take much effort for an inspection sanding!
  13. My rule with 4200 vs 5200 is that 5200 should only be for structural items. Through hulls are not structural! 4200 all day, even under the waterline like the sounder.
  14. Can someone with boat building experience summarize where we are at... 1. How much was do you estimate the purchased this salvage for? $30K? 2. Is their rebuild sufficient or is there inherit risk of a keel loss and capsize in the middle of the night under large seaways?
  15. AIS requirement for the Mac is crazy. Sailboats move slow and freighters can see them on the radar. I'm looking at a setup for my boat for cruising and it's ~$850 + tax. $600 for the transponder / receiver. https://www.landfallnavigation.com/vesper-ais-xb-6000-transponder.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw59n8BRD2ARIsAAmgPmIXzPwlu2O16hjjz2fTf2yHCTqnTgvqzqPqAqH_HnJ1vhWCmwEmUzcaAh32EALw_wcB Plus $250 the VHF splitter... https://www.landfallnavigation.com/vesper-ais-vhf-antenna-splitter.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw59n8BRD2ARIsAAmgPmJA3XtaaL5gcYXZ6Gd931e_TiLB6WFspWy1ZgaCxA9TJXetyWK5jd4aAgw-EALw_wcB
  16. Someone snap a photo of these "docks" for us out of towners! Are they REALLY that bad?? Surprised it's not a YC liability concern. Someone falls through and breaks leg or worse....
  17. Crazy to see how many boats raced back then. Huge sections!
  18. 2021 should be a good year... Here are results from 20 years ago from 2000 Tri-State for a good laugh! Some old familiar names in here: 32nd Chicago-St. Joseph Race PHRF 1 ******************************FINAL************************* Race Scoring Data - Start Date: 09/01/00 Start Time: 19:30:00 Race Distance: 49.4 Course Flag: Sail No. Rating Yacht Name Type Len Owner Club Finish Elapsed Allowance Corrected Sec Flt Note -------- ------ -------------------- ---- --- -------------------- ----- ---------- --------- -
  19. fair. just wasn't sure if it was the photo or actually a bit tired.
  20. hull paint looks good. rig looks like shit, or at least in the photo on the front page. No buffing the aluminum or a powder coat job?
  21. From where to where? Can you move it on it's bottom? 16K is a lot of diesel!
  22. Is this story officially over?! There will be no new voyage?!
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