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  1. If you want to go cheap and practical when not buy classic? J/35! Some great deals out there with decent inventories and well maintained. It's a ton of boat for $35K! Perfect Wed nights, Mac, Tri-State, and booze cruising machine with a nice downstairs!
  2. Wow, I guess it is that time of year already. I'm still thinking skiing!
  3. Ok. Here you go! I'll bring my own 15 min of fame back from the dead! http://www.usmelges24.com/?p=news/&id=244 29 JULY 2005 • Let's do the Chicago to Mackinac Race in the Melges24... The questionable idea was born late one evening in February at our regular Thursday-night hangout, McGee's Tavern. Although questionable, the idea was appealing to us because we knew the performance capabilities of the Melges24 after sailing her in one-design competition. Those of you who have sailed on an M24 know that when given the proper conditions, the boat can reach speeds comparable to a 40-foot
  4. Jim Bo, Posting this looks an awful lot like self promotion. At first I didn't read it because it was completely off topic and I though it was just a random race report from some one you knew but this morning I happened to notice the signature and realized you were reposting your own piece! I love you and I'm just slinging mud as we do on here since you came down on my the over day for my dingy manifesto. I just couldn't resist the urge to comment! TGIF. Have a fun and safe St. Pat's wkend! SOTM
  5. Are you really? Where are the Economic incentives. Dealer will sell me the 911 without pushing track time or a racing club. A sale is a sale. A haul out is a haul out.
  6. You nailed it Joe! Thanks for articulating it artfully.
  7. ...and by 10 years, I mean closer to 15 now.
  8. Couldn't disagree more. 10 years ago there was a ton of college dinghy sailors who came to Chicago after school and gravitated to the F40 and Mumm 30 scene...
  9. Harsh words Jim. My intent wasn't to offend, it was to illustrate the value of learning to sail from the bottom up, not top down.
  10. I'm just making an observation and trying to understand the decline. I'm not sure the "people have stuff going on" stance is accurate as that has been a constant since the dawn of time. I believe it is a downward spiral where money leaves, skills leave, then more money leaves and so on. Farr 40 fleet is a text book example but there are other less glam fleets that follow the same pattern too. As it relates to skill, I do believe small boat sailing is key to being an effective big boat sailor. Not everyone on the boat has to have this background but anyone in key positions which impact the
  11. No I was just alluding that PHRF 1 was always the hot shot, well funded, well attended fleet. Hell, back in the glory days PHRF 2 was pretty deep too...
  12. True, Chicago harbors these days are expensive but is that the reason big-boat racing is down in Chicago? There is still a long waitlist with Westrec and harbors were full last year, just not full of race boats! (31st the exception of course). Anyone want to speculate on the REAL reason(s) the 18 boat PHRF 1 fleet is gone from Chicago heydays of the early 2000's?
  13. Clearly, but unfortunately the make up of the big-boat fleet crew these days are work friends of sailors who started sailing on a Wed night and migrated to Sat / Sun series. Very few have dinghy / small keelboat experience, hence the problem. These guys are usually easy to spot, look for the Mount Gay red hats.
  14. I miss the old days when there was competitive big boat sailing in Chicago. A few of the old guard on SA know what I mean. The past 10 years I have observed a torrent of money and talent leaving the scene and it's painful to see that many aboard these days pulling the strings don't know port from starboard let along car settings and basic boat mechanics. Chicago has gone from competitive scene to a shrimp boat fleet. Hats off to those of you who are knowledgeable sailors and have hung around in spite of the lack luster equipment and competition...
  15. I'm coming out sailing retirement this year! Looking for a Wed Night ride out of DuSable to get things started. Any suggestions appreciated... cjmurray1@gmail.com Thanks, Chris
  16. After my 3 year sabbatical I'm going to try to do some sailing this summer. Probably going to ease into it with some Wednesday nights out of Dusable / Monroe. How's the big boat scene looking like down there these day? I walked the dock Friday last summer before the Mac and was shocked by the lack of boats and all the strange faces. Only person I recognized on the dock was Perry!
  17. Hi All! I'm looking for a fun Wed Night ride out of Monroe or DeSable. Please send me an email if you have any suggestions. I'm out of the loop these days... cjmurray1@gmail.com
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