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  1. Pretty epic photo! I hope the crew has this one framed on the wall. Looks like they are beating perpendicular to the wave action. Brutal day on the rail.
  2. ....more questions from the yuts! Can someone remind me what the "double" spinnakers are called? Why was this design killed off? I seems you'd have more sail area thus faster downhill....
  3. Looks like breeze on here uphill! Where is this photo taken? Which SORC course? Is this why someone mentioned above the SC70's would never have done well if they had showed up??!!!
  4. I'm a Mechanical Engineer. I had an offer from Harken after college but then paid about 20% below other industries. That gap will only widen over your career. Don't go into that industry as there isn't much money. Pick a more lucrative industry and buy your own boat! Same thing applies to engineers as Harley Davidson. They trade passion for salary...
  5. Before the days of email and mobile devices so being gone from the office that long was probably very noticeable!
  6. Did the SC 70's participate? Sounds like there was weeks and weeks of sailing events! Who had that much time off work unless you were a rich owner or paid pro, or was that the only make up of the crews?!
  7. When I was in a sophomore in college I raced my first and the very last SORC on a Mumm 36, and have the t-shirt to prove it! It was a buoy race format in Miami and if I recall it was a 4 day event in March after KWRW. The following year I believe it was renamed Miami Race Week. From the old timers, I heard the original SORC was true to to it's acronym, Southern Ocean Racing Conference, a collection of distance races around the Caribbean. Curious if anyone has any history to share on the original format and the years it ran that way before it was dissolved into a buoy race then kill
  8. Racing with a couple in the crew is annoying. Been there done that, hate it! It's one thing if it's the owner's wife then it gets a pass but if it's just a 2-1 deal as crew it sucks. They usually bicker and it just creates an unpleasant environment for all.
  9. I think WM is quietly moving to an online format only. I think they are slowly bleeding inventory from their stores. Chicago store is half empty. I think they are just burning off the shelves then will close physical locations. Online suppliers like Marine Part Source have tons of stock. I think West Marine wants to be those guys and not pay the employees and building costs... Covid is a great chance to make this transition.
  10. Did some google mapping... Saw Detroit Yacht Club. Out of curiosity, what is that place? Any racing based out of there? Looks like a nice piece of property...
  11. Main sheet is fast in the video so it's hard to see what happened. Did you have your hands on it before the gybe started or were you trying to play catch with fastball on the way past?! PS, I wonder if there is a way to loop that video and create a "gif" file to text your friends?!
  12. You were lucky! Apparently the owner of Farr 40 Bandit broke his collar bone in a similar situation. Hats off to him for finishing the race. I would have taken my ship to shore and got to the hospital.
  13. Interesting insight... If I say someone is one of the best sailors I know, that to me means they are in the top 5% of sailors I know, not that they are in the top 5% of sailors worldwide. I think that statement sums it up well, it's relative to the circles and fleets you run in... For clarity, my original comment was in no way a moratorium on me! I don't claim to be a good sailor, don't pride myself in such titles, and don't even sail that often anymore. I know some of the best in the business but I'm even in the same league as their level of play. I overhea
  14. It's SA here, what's wrong with a little banter and some truths?! Question still stands, unless you have implemented the "pleasantries only" rule. The question also has nothing to do with the MOB incident, (I'm very relieved to hear all ended well), it is a separate topic in response to "one of the best sailor I've ever know".... I'm unfamiliar with the phase so I was curious how those determinations are made.
  15. I'm sure she is but I always laugh when people say "One of the best sailors I’ve ever known", phrase that is thrown around a lot... What does that really mean and how is it substantiated? 1. Can they do all positions competently on the boat bow to stern? 2. Can they helm a variety of classes of boats from Lasers, Escows, to J/111? 3. Of boats helmed, did they place in top positions at national events? I mean really, in the world of amateur sailing it's generally a silly statement with some rare exceptions.
  16. What does that J/92 rate to the T10? I didn't see a kite up in their videos, maybe that's why you stay with them since yours was flying.
  17. The is the cheapest one on YW I found @ $18,500 which is a lot of boat and utility for the money. Beer cans and weekend cruising... https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1985/j-boats-j-35-3650723/
  18. T 35 was a Thomas 35 wasn't it? Not Tartan 35... I thought Lindy had a hand in it but again, I could be wrong.
  19. So you are saying the T35 wasn't a loose copy of the J/35? I thought that was well accepted, even to the point of "Level 35" racing here on Lake Michigan... Again, perhaps I'm wrong.
  20. Hey you are in the convo so it can't be shaking that much! J/35 is a "classic" in my opinion! As many point out, it was the right balance of Racer / Cruiser... T35 was a ripoff of the J/35. It was commissioned by someone local. I'm not an expert on the differences but I believe it is basically the same hull. Doesn't look a good above the rail...
  21. J/35 - Best offshore racer of it's time? I've always felt this was a classic boat. Any old timers who raced OD on it have anything to add?
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