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  1. They will be short a lot of fuel. jerry can not worth it. Need to duck in and do full tank... Which port makes sense at 1/4 tank remaining?
  2. Not sure 30 mph (26 kts) will be enough to keep up.... they may need to hammer it harder than cruise speed and burn a lot more..
  3. ...so if E2 sails, can someone explain to me how the Protector keeps up. What's the fuel capacity? Do they carry jerry cans or do they duck into a port and refuel?
  4. I was 25 at the time so I can't defend the decision these days. Was made with balls, not brains geared towards emergency scenarios. We did have a EPIRB and a life ring on the stern though!
  5. Fair point. I forgot to mention we were an illegal entry. They shouldn't formally allow it in the name of safety but the M32 should just show up and start outside the pin like we did.... "oh the glory years..."
  6. ...We did the Chicago Mac in a Melges 24 in 2005. No chase boat then! M32 with Protector in tow? No problem. My only question is, can the Protector keep up, especially if it gets in big seas or needs to go in for a fuel stop??
  7. Talk to the V15 fleet captain. She has the inside scoop on them. DM me if you want her contact.
  8. ...this is my plan for the month of July!
  9. You think doing the race, then turning and burning is fun?!!! You need to re-calibrate your fun meter!
  10. 16?!!! Why. You don't need a fully second shift. Just drop 3 off every 4 hours.
  11. ....so back to the crew limits. Anyone want to take a stab about this this will impact racing? J/111 and the big odd ball boats certainly wouldn't be able to hike flat...
  12. This is what will drive the racing discussion in Chicago... Boat Length Max. Capacity (Including kids < 17 years old) Max. # of Adults <25 feet 6 4 26-36 feet 8 6 >36 feet 10 8
  13. Does that mean Harbor will be open then with limited hours?!
  14. What do you mean "ate a winch"? Winch exploded and hit him in the face? Or he got a finger in the line?
  15. I'm missing some history following my sailing retirement after SUE in 2007, until I came back for the 88's in 2016! Didn't realize you had a Goblin post the Tripp 47 in Chicago...
  16. ahhhh got it. This was that boat he kept on the west coast that you guys went out and did races on...
  17. ********************JUNE 15*********************** Staging in ALL harbors taking place all last week. WILL THE LAKEFRONT / HARBORS OPEN TODAY? THIS WEEK???
  18. I thought the Chicago Seascouts got it after Lindy was done with it. Was on a can in Monroe for a couple years but haven't seen it since. Where did it land? Did a Tri-State on that boat with Grinder when I was in college!
  19. Sailing dead. Glory years gone forever. All that is left is a pro'd out J/70 fleet, a misfit fleet of tired 30-40 ft PHRF boats with UK tape drive sails, and the occasional 50-60 footer with scarily old running rigging crewed by finger loosing crews it never designed for...
  20. ....The old Goblin and Success days. Now we are getting old.
  21. So it is! Just learned something. Interesting to see the state lines right there on Google Maps...
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