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  1. I thought Wisco was reopened?! They are far less worried about Covid than IL.... Probably welcome the business no?
  2. Lori, I didn't know you were on the SA forums!
  3. If the race is run to the original destination without MMYC involvement then MMYC gains nothing and looses any shared revenue. Optics from town will be the same. Not as if they can say "well the club is closed so it's not our event". The untrained eye still sees "yachts" finishing and rafting in their harbor.
  4. Lawsuits?! over bailing on hosting the hook race?! Come on.... This isn't Jon Pod 2005 Mac.
  5. Easy fix, just do an out and back around a virtual GPS point.... or find another club that is looking for revenue.
  6. I just did a rough count of that list! I think I counted exactly 100. Maybe that's it.... Capped?
  7. Why cap it?! They should go big this year! It's their one opportunity for a record.
  8. Banner Year for the Hook Race! Chi-Mac boats jumping over... https://www.racineyachtclub.org/registered-boats
  9. Haha. Yep. That's the only thing we did wrong on the Melges 24 Mac, not enough beer...
  10. Ok. Next topic....... Bets on what Yahoo die-hards do it anyways. Informal start at Navy Pier Light House? Bet there are at least 10 dummies....
  11. The WHO doesn't know dick about sailing. It's not the scene from "What about Bob" where Bill Murray is duck taped to the rig on a J22 and someone else is 6 feet back on the helm. Shoulder to shoulder on the rail is a different game....
  12. I know the type. There are many offshore yacht racers who will still push ahead, beating up hill against the storm...
  13. You must really love it. Can't think of a worse year to go.... -Low turn out. -Distancing concerns with crew -Under-attended/No parties on Island -Bars and restaurants half empty The only resemblance to a Mac with be in the title of the event...
  14. I'd be nerve of my boat sitting in a harbor at the moment. Seems like a good target to burn down to make a statement.
  15. Boats in the Pig Pen were probably from Hammond. Might not even be IL registered boats. Not sure why this is relevant. I understand the optics but run the Marine Unit out there if you want to confirm who's got a hook in the Pen... Chicago Phase III on Wed, June 3. I read somewhere that Harbors should open Mon, June 8 ..... then it will be another month before the yard launches all of us. God knows they aren't going to pay their guys overtime to expedite that process. I'll say it one more time, No Mac.
  16. Doesn't change anything. The fleet will be way down anyways so they would be lucky to fill 70 slips! Even if that is exceed that boats will just go to Mackinac City except for one special boat on the thread who has said they will cross the line, gybe and start their delivery!
  17. By the way, I'm not a race boat owner...
  18. You obviously are not a boat owner.
  19. I don't disagree but when would Westrec get green light to launch boats at 31st and Montrose for staging?
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