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  1. I wish it was June 1 too but seems to good to be true so punted to the end of that week. I will say, if they intend to do June 5 I hope they give the harbors the green light to begin launching on the 1st to get the ball rolling. Yards are going to spend $$$ on overtime to get boats launched so this is going to take 2-3 weeks to get everyone splashed.
  2. Any updates? Boats are cheap at the moment for the next adventure...
  3. We should take bets on here... I could see her waiting until after the 4th holiday, so Monday, July 6th, but that is CRAZY. From the WestRec/Harbor chatter it sounds like June 5 or 15th... My hope is the 5th and yards get permission this week or next to start launching and staging at harbors... I'm bullish, saying June 5. PS, this is much more interesting bet than talking about the Chi-Mac as we know it's not going to happen, sorry die-hards...
  4. Boats just ran up from Hammond for the afternoon... Saw them come in and leave.
  5. What will annoy me is if harbors open early june, beach flooded with people, lake front closed again and harbors closed with it. Then our boats will be stuck.
  6. Debunked? What to debunk? If you touch a door knob, box of pasta, or pizza box that someone with Covid has touched there is a risk. Yesterday at the Gov's press conference there was a perfect example. Guy talking before the Gov'n was coughing into his hand. He then touched all over the podium. The Gov went up there, touched the podium, then touched his face and pulled his mask down to speak. Was interesting to observe...
  7. It's not about the food. Its about the packaging. Touching surfaces.
  8. 100???!!!! 25% of that is there is a race! But again, it will be cancelled.
  9. Totally uninforceable. What people don't realize about this Covid is it's all about the details. How many people get a pizza delivered or pick up food and don't remove it from the packaging and plate it? Hands touch all of that stuff then you are eating your pizza or Thai out of the same packaging as you hand it.
  10. What kind of boat does Glenn have? He seems like a T10 guy that was described above by Callahan! Blind passion for a tradition in yachting excellence!
  11. Sounds like a blast, Race then a delivery without stepping of the boat! It may be 2 months from today, but this thing called planning doesn't allow you to wait that long. I predict a June 1 announcement of cancellation.
  12. Me. It's obvious. $1000 bet? I'll setup an escrow account to keep you honest when it inevitably gets cancelled.
  13. Fair point... Forgot that detail!
  14. JC, we are the "young" ones now! It's not like the old days where the ranks were refreshed every season. Sailing hasn't backfilled at the same rate as attrition. I know local 30ish crowd and can count them on two hands. I attribute it to changing interests enhanced by the YC's not evolving and continuing to attract the yuts...
  15. The parties suck! If it was all about going to stand in the parking lot in Monroe I'd never sail again. If you want a good scene hit a local bar or restaurant with your friends. They YC party is not the draw, it the fresh air, sitting to leeward swatting flies, and telling yourself you are participating in a sport and getting exercise.
  16. Mac has been dead since March. You can't social distance on a sailboat. Reopening doesn't mean eliminating social distancing. Social distancing will be in place until there is a vaccine is late 2021. End of story.
  17. It is Jim's thread. Has been since....... ummmm maybe 2005? I think the original was in the Goblin days. Predates CASRA by well over a decade. The only thing older are your sails...
  18. It's SA man! What's wrong with a little jest with some truth woven in. Do you disagree with my back of the napkin estimate? I don't see a lot of Laser sailors in this photo. All I see it a sausage fest that has gone downhill every year since the mid 2000's!
  19. 90% of people who sail CASRA couldn't rig a Laser, let alone helm one. I'll broaden that statement to to say 50% couldn't helm anything. Comes back to the old conversation of knowing how to sail vs pulling strings on command as a crew.
  20. At least you can get to the yard. We aren't allowed in CYW to do boat work.
  21. Who are we kidding? All racing will be cancelled all summer. Best case it will be single or double handed, a feat that most boats can't handle unless racing JAM.
  22. What's the story here with the "owner" getting launched by the backstays? Where these wire stays? Seems like someone could have lost their legs. Any details on what happened and if he got hurt?
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