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  1. AM (Associated Marine) no longer doing boats unless they are over $5mill! CM - Not a fan. Have had several claims declined. (I’ve been doing boat insurance for 20 years) One claim was on a 50+ foot boat with sponsorship from Q. i.e. every single sail was Q and less than 12 months old. When putting in a claim for a sail that was damaged, CM got a quote from a small single-man small suburban loft and said that was the max they would pay. Why would you even think of doing this. In saying this, had a really good experience with a claim with CM in Sydney. Seems Sydney has better relation
  2. So far only 44 entries (includes sporties and classic's)
  3. 60+ boats paid full price ($175) for the benefit of participating in the passage race only. (= $10,000.) How many this year? Will need 20+ just to break even. Everyone i've spoken too is not going this year. Very sad.
  4. Tempting, but I would prefer to stick with the ORCV winter series with the races well run with assistance from David Leroy in the Thawson. Would prefer if the ORCV brought back the Hastings or Western Port race, alternatively race from the Heads to Western port marker no.1 and back to Port Lonsdale light house, then back to the Queenscliff pub for a few beers! You building a rocket?
  5. Now, to turn my attention to much more important matters; Pippa Middleton's gorgeous arse! yes, very!
  6. Now now ladies............put your handbags down.
  7. 1.103 looks quite attractive, but who cares about IRC or OD, PHD is the division we are interested in. We just need to get "insuranceguy" to steer for us so we can optimize for it. A.M "who cares about IRC or OD..." That would have to be the biggest load of horse droppings I have heard out of you in years. Are you sure you didn't choke when writing that???? Don, The note of Sarcasm was lost on you. Cheers Andrew At least you can use your wit as a comeback.......much better than joff's "Fuck off newbie!" I have respect for all the guy's on SC, thus my question on why
  8. Are the Vic. S38's doing something different to the NSW S38's re masthead the spins? at last check, The S38 OD class had voted against the m/heads. Racing in IRC fleets. I think by the end of the season the majority of VIC 38's will be masthead. Scarlett That 5 boat Bruce's old boat chainsaw wont be far behind once she is left behind on the first run eh Joff? It will be interesting to watch the results. Do you know what their IRC ratings are? "Challenge" 1st on line, IRC, AMS, VYC. IRC rating is now 1.119. Scarlett (also with masthead) had a third on IRC
  9. Vale - Kim Theodore For those that haven't heard, Sandringham Y.C. lost long term member Kim Theodore yesterday in an unfortunate accident. Most people will know Kim as the mother of Caroline (Caz), her sister CC and long term partner of Terry Hall (previously Livewire Sydney 38 & current Absolute A36). Kim and her family have been involved at SYC for many years and the girls have been part of the club since cadets. Kim's smiling face, contagious buoyant and positive attitude will be greatly missed by all who knew her, or had the privilege of meeting her. I sen
  10. It will be off the same design as the RP52 'Vincitore' in the USA. They (the US Boat) are feeding back info on what mods have been implemented. At this stage, nothing fancy. No trim tabs, no swing keel. Will rate similar to Georgia. (TP52.) Name of boat.......well the last 7 (includes past generations) had the same name! Time for a change??? How about 'Date-rape'? I don't think this will get past the SYC committe!
  11. Could be, but who would know something like that!
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