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  1. And then there is this one..... Stretched to 57', but still a sailboat
  2. I I just don't like the TX numbers... We have taken the boat to the Bahamas and being documented made things easier. Mexico and Cuba trips in the planning stages.
  3. Never because we are a documented vessel. But if we were not documented, anytime I'm driving upwind.
  4. 1) Easier to sail to destinations outside the US. 2) You don't have to have those ugly state license numbers on the bow. 3) One more damn registration to keep up with
  5. Sounds like you need to sail more to get those costs per mile down
  6. My Airmar CS4500 (its predecessor) has never worked right....
  7. Too bad that won't fit our mast without removing the bolt rope groove.
  8. Other than the foot, your mast looks identical to mine. Carbon + heavy = Omohundro (now Southern Spars).
  9. Groucho, you missed my point... The gaps are tiny if at all and the slugs are not exposed to the wind at all. I'd prefer using a bolt rope, but we have a problem with the bolt rope on this sail, so we added slugs to run in the bolt rope groove and the gap that we have is very small if there is any gap at all. That was the fastest cheapest way to fix the sail. Looks like that mast needs to be faired....
  10. How much of a gap do you see? The bolt rope is against the mast.
  11. I don't see them on the sailrite link.... I'll have to ask sail maker. He is of the opinion that if I put them too close together near the top they will jam. Here is the top one that separated.
  12. I few weeks ago, we had the bolt rope get stuck when the main was up. We're now using slugs, but we need a longer (say 8") slug that we can use to support the load of the head when especially when we are reefed. Has anyone seen, make, bought such a slug? If so, details and pictures would be nice.... TIA, Bo
  13. Corsair - Farrier derivatives... Or buy some plans and build it yourself or hire a builder....
  14. Bob, I agree that we need to include as many boats as possible, but, even rating Corsair trimarans vs Corsair trimarans is difficult. We use PHRF TOT at AYC and the ratings of the regular racers range from -45 to 48. Even using TOT, the slow boats have a strong advantage in light winds and the fast boats have a strong advantage in heavy winds. If the wind is steady and in the 10 to 15 kt range, the ratings seem to work pretty well. We tried to rate beach cats with trimarans for a couple of years, but we couldn't come up with ratings that worked. I wish I knew the solution. At le
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