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  1. OpenCPN on my $200 Pinebook Pro laptop....
  2. Further to the question. Does anyone know of a winch handle holder that is big enough for a Harken one touch handle? https://www.harken.com/en/shop/carbo-onetouch-locking-winch-handle-595/carbo-onetouch-lock-in-winch-handle/
  3. The LiFePO4 batteries are the safest type of Lithium batteries as they will not overheat, and even if punctured they will not catch on fire. The cathode material in LiFePO4 batteries is not hazardous, and so poses no negative health hazards or environmental hazards.
  4. The one I like is http://headfoil.com Great product, great service and great price. Eric is the inventor of the tuff luff. Eric Lagerquist - eric@headfoil.com
  5. We don't use canting too much on our 31-1D when we are lake sailing, but we do cant the rig offshore.... I've never noticed any issues with the traveler, main sheet or jib... Once we cant the rig and tack over we just trim the sails to the new tack and go... Try it before you overthink it.
  6. Parts manuals can be a help... I have one for my Nissan 9.8 that shows exploded diagrams... I couldn't find the ones for Mercury right off the bat, but some of the parts sellers have them on their websites.... Like this... Mercury 3.5 four stroke gear housing exploded diagram
  7. I did the same to my trailer this year, but I took the boat off first. Much lighter and easier to work from the top
  8. I thought you are old enough to know how to tell time...
  9. MT - no that setup goes to a pair of spinlock clutches, then some ratchet blocks so that we can put the shrouds on the winches if needed.
  10. Here's how we do ours (canting rig). Probably over kill.
  11. With a Prindle 18-2, you probably have enough if the tongue stays on the ground when you disconnect from the trailer... 10% of boat / trailer weight should be about 140 lbs or maybe less. If it tows straight now I wouldn't spend any time on it. I'd spend my time sailing.
  12. Tow capacity is not the problem. My boat and trailer are at about 5,000lbs. A weight that should be easily towed by a 1/2 ton or a Suburban. The key factor is wind resistance, not weight. You need something that has the power to pull the boat through the air and the weight / wheelbase to keep it steady in cross winds if you plan to do long distance towing... Sure anything with a 5,000lb tow capacity can handle it, but if your vehicle is on the smaller end towing will be much less pleasant than with an HD truck.
  13. I have pulled two different F31s with my 1/2 ton GMC Yukon XL (Suburban) and it was OK. But the 5.3l Vortec didn't have enough power for me to drive comfortably at over 60 mph. I could not use the cruise control at all and cross winds made towing a bit of a white knuckle affair. I upgraded to a Ram 2500 diesel (about the same wheelbase and turning radius ad the Yukon but significantly heavier). Now I can tow as fast as I am comfortable (about 70 mph) and use the cruise control and cross winds are not really a issue at all. I would strongly recommend an HD truck if you are going t
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