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  1. I dumped the system when it failed to show a 50kt storm in my path in Lake Erie.
  2. Only good boat Catalina ever built. Sails well and for a Catalina it's built reasonably well. I sailed one in the early 80's and liked it.
  3. Anyone follow them on Youtube? One of the only " I want to go sailing so pay me " video series that I watch. He's an innovative guy. Their first boat broke up a few months ago and they are trying to buy a second one now.
  4. Put it on a truck if you can. Seaway is ok but takes forever. Barge canal required that the spar comes down. A truck gets you there at 55 mph
  5. I owned V50-103 which was a Texas built boat and V42-127 also Texas built. Both were built to aircraft standards. I doubt that you can find an older boat save a Swan that will hold up as well. Rich Worstell did a great job of mechanical planning and installs.
  6. I assume that Bob Johnstone who is well into his 80's wants to turn the business over to son Peter.
  7. French because it is close to the Med and that's part of the plan. Seawinds are great so are Maine Cats but I'd like to start this adventure in the Med
  8. True MultiThom but I'd like to spend a month playing in the Med on the boat
  9. Paul... Great to see your name and hear from you. Maybe you're right about the Rapido.
  10. Which of the French Cat builders currently produces the best all around boat ? I'm looking for 42 ft new that will take one trip across the Atlantic pond and then move throughout the Caribe and South American Coast. Well put together and built with good if not top quality fittings and fit out.
  11. Yep a Gale Force. Great little boats. The guy who built them died a year or so ago but his son is still around and may even be on this site. I think there's even a molded Hulya and deck somewhere if you want a new one/
  12. BJ.. .02 from a guy who has built and sold many companies over the past 45 years. In my experience you should always take your first loss. Don't compound it by trying to out think your current position. Sell your boat as-is where is. Agree if anything to contribute to getting the boat to the buyer. All the various schemes to improve your sales number are chimera. You are dealing with a very tiny potential scope of buyers. Don't throw more money at the project.
  13. I kept my Tartan 4700 there. I had 6" feet of draft.No problem at all
  14. Owner and factory have gone radio silent. It's going to make an interesting story someday
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