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  1. Time to recruit Mozzy to INEOS
  2. Good chat. You can sum up much of the INEOS problem in Ben's moniker. Hard to imagine ETNZ calling Burling "Gov".
  3. I think the Italians were a good influence on Jimmy and he was a good influence on them. Jimmy fed off Larry who is a great mentor for a dickhead. In Auckland, Jimmy tried so hard to not be a dickhead, but it didn't come naturally. If you are really good and are motivated by money you will need to change teams if the money runs out. Coutts has a very big house and great track record so hats off to him.
  4. I think a big part of ETNZ's success can be traced back to an industry of world class builders who because of their isolated location couldn't survive unless they adpated very quickly and innovated faster than their offshore competitors; think of Cooksons, Southern Spars etc. The next key part is Peter Blake and Dalton and their approach and particpation in Whitbread races. This is where they learnt about sponsorship, leadership, failure, determination, and most importantly how you go about putting a team together and create a culture that is sustainable and successful. The All Blacks don't a
  5. Glenn, let's chat tomorrow. Larry is offering $6m and I think I can push Ernesto to $10m, tax free. Ernesto is a bit of a dick but I can manage him. He's offering a $4m if you can get copies of all ETNZ's design package. Think about it, your house could be as big as mine. I think I can push Red Bull for a lifetime supply of the majic juice. Mozzy is joining Ernesto's team so how can we lose? Sounds like $15m for three years work and not even Russell made that. Cha ching!
  6. I thought it was a masterful display of light wind sailing by Burling. Perhaps no surprise given his background and the fact that he has done more than twice the amount of time on the water helming compared to Jimmy or Cecco.
  7. Looks like plagiarism. Are these reallly "your girls"?
  8. Do we need a Go Fund Me round to get a new jumper for Mozzy? Would be happy to contribute.
  9. Mozzy, you don't need to reply to this sort of nonsense, but you do need to give us an update video ASAP. Keep them coming and thanks so much.
  10. Great girl! What an amazing place to start your engineering career.
  11. I'm not so sure it's that simple. At 35 plus knots I'm sure that drag is very, very important. Drag from, crew, sails, foils, hulls etc. It's almost as if ETNZ and LR care more about drag than power they generate from their rig.
  12. Always easy to gawp at the hot chick, but how many actually ask them out.
  13. Ben has obvously logged into SA and picked up the negative vibe on his lower main. Work in progress.
  14. 1) Pre-start, Ben needs to steer the boat and let Giles do tactics. Right now he’s doing both jobs. This is never going to work unless you are faster and more agile (Burling in Bermuda). 2) The aero set-up looks dreadful, when compared to Prada. All the grinders sticking up way too high. OK, they can’t drop them down, but surely a better fairing would help. 3) The bottom 1m of the main looks like a dog’s breakfast. Really ghastly. They won’t be able to switch to a boom free set-up but they must be able to improve this. If they lose and want to try again there are some big
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