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  1. Thanks, all. I have Navionics up on both Android phones, and will bring both. They're small and light enough. It sounds like there is some great software for apple devices, but I don't have one.
  2. Slug, sorry for the ramble. Most of that was not necessary to the actual question. Z - no, I can live with it down below if I have to. We'll be doublehanded so everything on deck has advantages, including during what will be a middle of the night rounding of some rocks offshore. So, I guess I'd state a preference for having a display in the cockpit, but can do without it. Its been a long time since I've raced at night with no electronics in the cockpit, but this won't be the first time. Slug - thank you. That may turn out to be the solution, and become a backup once everything i
  3. The GPS receiver on my boat is failing intermittently, and I have an overnight race next week so I'd like to have at least one backup. I've read some of the past threads about phone and tablet options, but wonder if there are any updates worth knowing about. The system on the boat is all Raymarine, but is bodged together across generations. Chartplotter, radar and autohelm are all Raymarine C70 vintage running on Seatalk 2. Wind, depth, speed, and GPS are i50 / i60 devices, running over Seatalk NG. The bridge is in the autohelm brain. The network seems to be working - I see NG data (w
  4. https://www.pressherald.com/2021/08/25/bath-museum-files-complaint-in-effort-to-limit-liability-in-future-lawsuits-connecte
  5. They used to run Indy and F1 cars with those tires on Mt. Washington - nuts!
  6. Wrote the local Beneteau dealer today to say I'm shopping used J Boats instead of a First after this thread. I suggest a field trip.
  7. Be dilgent in your inspection. The one I raced on was poorly built to the point that with enough backstay on for proper sail shape, the boat flexed so much that the geometry of the steering gear changed and the cable would jump off the idlers. Exciting in sporty conditions. There was enough flex aft to move the rudder bearings out of alignment freezing the helm. We blew up gear in modest conditions. I wanted to like the boat. It could be fast. But, I didn't trust it.
  8. She was in the slings area Robinhood today for USCG inspection. No signs of external damage. She is back in the water now.
  9. I was really happy to see her back on her lines this afternoon. She's a cool part of our history and waterfront (as is the whole museum, really). For what its worth, there were some really big gusts that afternoon. We were out doing race committee for a regatta in Pen Bay and the well calibrated instruments on the committee boat had many gusts at or near 25 knots. The Kennebec near where she capsized is called Long Reach. Part of the reason that the ship building industry developed here is because you can get in and out with beating. The downside is that if you have any way on, you
  10. Lobster: over penne in a sherry cream sauce. Worth it to me if that's the outcome.
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