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  1. Can still buy them now: ILCA boom sleeve - PSA Sailing Online Shop
  2. Use a VPN and connect to an Australian server, get a free account and watch live here: Sailing - Tokyo Olympics: Stream & Watch Olympic Sailing Online in Australia - Live, Free, Catch Up & Full Replays | 7plus
  3. ...still seems to be some unfortunate customers out there
  4. Yep, anything pre mid 217,xxx is will be class legal, there's likely a small amount of crossover where LP continued their sail number sequence with their non-international class or world sailing approved hulls where they created their own "The Laser Class" stickers. Anything 2016 or older will be International Class legal so to speak. You can still use the old starburst logo sails if you want, no need to buy an ILCA logo sail unless you're after something new and crisp. A bit more of a rundown is here: Verification of Class Legal Equipment For Use in Laser Class Competition (eurilca.org
  5. both those pics look to have the same scallop, looks like it's a manufacturing stuff up with a scallop'd track section glued on randomly. The aero track doesn't use a scallop anywhere, but it's a safe bet some of the other RS's that use the same track do
  6. North American's do seem to get a pretty good deal. In the UK the Aero sail is significantly cheaper, even before you add in the additional cost of ILCA battens for the MKII RS Aero 7m Sail - RS Sailing (rssailingstore.com) - £468.61 ILCA 7 Sail – MK2 – ILCA Spare Parts and accessories (ovingtonboats.com) - £549.00 The Aero7 sail is similarly cheaper in Australia compared to the ILCA7: 02-RS Aero 7m Sail AER-SA-101 - self fit numbers included (sailingraceboats.com.au) - A$995.00 ILCA 7 Mk II sail - North Sails - PSA Sailing Online Shop - A$1,040.00
  7. I tend to just compare the RS Aero 7 sail and ILCA7 sails, both similar cuts from North, you would think there would be an economy of scale influence, but doesn't seem to be. Seeing numbers on how many ILCA sails are sold per year compared to other classes would be enlightening
  8. Looks like Up Marine is using them on their Wing now The Wing - Innovations within reach! - YouTube
  9. I dont sail with anymore vang than I did in the early 90's... Before the XD setup you'd head round the bottom mark and kick the mainsheet between the block and boom to "Supervang", it was just way harder to release at the top mark than it is now
  10. I can't see TLC taking off as a true international class, they couldn't even get their act together to get past the first hurdle of WS approval. They'll hang around as a local European thing as long as LP keeps funding them
  11. The good ol LPE "Class Compliant" instead of "Class Legal" would catch a few people out also, that is if they're actually referring to the International "Class"
  12. I'm quite interested to see who LP are using for their sails now, and what has been changed on their MKII compared to the class legal version
  13. aren't sails next on the list for additional suppliers? Fairly sure I read that in one of the articles in the recent past on the back of the additional builder announcements. I'd hope Intensity would throw their hat in the ring, but I'd guess ILCA will put a clause in the contract stating that they can't make "Practice" sails or similar. Pryde do "Practice" sails though direct so I guess time will tell Laser Radial Practice Racing Sail - Neil Pryde Sails International
  14. North are selling ILCA sails direct in the US/Canada now, marginally cheaper than they were before. In Australia the MKII sail is a couple of hundred dollars more than an Aero7 sail, more expensive than an Aero9 sail from the same sail maker too New ILCA Dinghy Sails - MK2, Radial, 4.7 | North Sails
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