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  1. aren't sails next on the list for additional suppliers? Fairly sure I read that in one of the articles in the recent past on the back of the additional builder announcements. I'd hope Intensity would throw their hat in the ring, but I'd guess ILCA will put a clause in the contract stating that they can't make "Practice" sails or similar. Pryde do "Practice" sails though direct so I guess time will tell Laser Radial Practice Racing Sail - Neil Pryde Sails International
  2. North are selling ILCA sails direct in the US/Canada now, marginally cheaper than they were before. In Australia the MKII sail is a couple of hundred dollars more than an Aero7 sail, more expensive than an Aero9 sail from the same sail maker too New ILCA Dinghy Sails - MK2, Radial, 4.7 | North Sails
  3. There was a Tom Slingsby interview I watched earlier this year where he talked about how they train across the full range of variables in the boats, also mentioned that Blackers has a list of what works well for each variation in boat. I specifically recall Tom talking about being given a boat at one of their training camps where he was getting flogged by the rest of the crew until he figured out what he had to change in his sailing style to make it fast
  4. Australia would have to be the most expensive location to ship from, so I'd hazard a guess it would be any of those others listed and which regions have the best import tariff arrangements with the US Gov
  5. you'd think for those builders, apart from Opti's, ILCA would be one of their highest volume of class boat sales right? I'd guess there's a lot of fat in the sales for things outside of hulls for them also.
  6. are the folks at your clubs spending $5K US on a boat (new or 2nd hand), just doing local club racing, or broader regional/state/national events? The people at my clubs spending that sort of coin are the ILCA class members doing the official events. Those doing just local club racing are typically spending less than $3K US when they "upgrade"
  7. JMP

    "Is the LP Laser gonna make it?"

    pretty simple for ILCA in any case... they offered LP a builders contract, LP declined and started their own class association :p
  8. I was a member of the class when it went through, I thought it was awesome at the time and I still do. But unlike many in this thread I think the ILCA are doing a pretty good job overall
  9. with less than 6% of the TLC "Membership" being from the USA, you've got less chance of LP giving the US any focus compared to what they used to provide, that's even including all the members with fake DOB's and sail numbers :p The state of the data they provided with their submission to Word Sailing is a little embarrassing to be honest, I personally expected better from LP's class association run by "Paid Professionals"
  10. I know half of the Australians on that list, they signed up for the webinars :p
  11. JMP

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Reads pretty much the same, a whole thread discussing it here Huh? New Sunfish Class? - Page 2 - Dinghy Anarchy - Sailing Anarchy Forums (
  12. JMP

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    The Sunfish class changed their logo, fought the rival class association LPE setup which blatantly copied their class IP, went to switch builders and LPE caved. It's all documented in their newsletters. I guess you could say the ILCA kind of followed the ISCA path...
  13. I'd think LPE will stay in business as long as the Portugal Government are funding them. When that dries up, wouldn't expect Rasty to keep shelling out cash to keep them afloat
  14. scroll up, it's actually in this thread
  15. I'm still wondering what "TLC" Full Rigs will look like, given they can't use the MK2 design. Wouldn't surprise me if the usual sailmakers don't want to deal with them