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  1. What's funny is empty shelves and supply chain issues are all capitalism issues. I hear a lot of Republicans complaining but not a single solution proposed. Oh, and yeah, GDP is still growing.
  2. For those wondering, Staghound is 2 feet shorter and 2000 lbs heavier than TP52's from the same era. I'm not defending them, I just see that asked a bunch. It's an awesome boat and it's rating has never reflected it's awesomeness. Hopefully the crew can pressure the owner to play fair. On a similar note, I love that the FP has thrown it back 20 years to bitching about SD Perf ratings.
  3. Absolutely loved the President's speech. Maybe more confrontational than it needed to be but the truth needs to be told. I LOL'd when he noted the recounts that actually found more votes for Biden. There truly are 2 sides to this and I believe one is right and one is wrong. What's happening in America has gone way beyond two parties debating policy. The Trump camp is truly delusional and my mantra will continue to be "Fuck Trump and fuck anyone who still supports him".
  4. ...the Muslim and Asian hating rednecks proved they're idiots.
  5. So considerate of you. I really hope none of your children or anyone close to you die of covid. But if they do, I hope you record yourself shrugging your shoulders at their funerals.
  6. ALL the shitty economic news? Demand driven inflation aside, what other shitty economic news is there?
  7. Gotta pump that Ballast or can't those keels
  8. Oof. That scow bow looks brutal upwind.
  9. It's almost as if everyone is surprised a mark is there
  10. Lost the commentary audio on the website feed. Bugger of a rounding for Black Jack. Same for URM.
  11. No, the court gives an opinion on what they believe the COTUS says. If the majority of opinions are in agreement a law stands or is rejected.
  12. How much time should be devoted to those stories? I've read several pieces about all of those things.
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