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  1. I am aware, I was but of a "ruger" myself in college. Played halfback and wing. Some crazy mother fuckers play that sport on the weekend, then go back to their normal 9 to 5 on Monday.
  2. How does on compliment an Auzzie Rules Fottbal Player? "Hey that is one nice tooth you have there."
  3. Word my dyslexic friend https://quotefancy.com/quote/1155993/Clarence-Darrow-Chloroform-unfit-children-Show-them-the-same-mercy-that-is-shown-beasts
  4. Addiction can be cured whereas stupidity can't. By then again, why wait until third time? Is it a baseball thing, 3 strikes and you're out? In my world, you get caught selling this shit, you're executed on the street right then and there, .50 in the back of the head. I wonder how quick it would dry up when dealer corpses start hanging from a street lamps like Duterte in the Philippnes is doing. These fucking people (dealers) are scum anyway with no social redemption, it would be a benefit to society.
  5. This was a reality in the USA back in the 1920s & 30s as was the increasing acceptance of the practice of eugenics. Take a read of " A Merciful End: The Euthanasia Movement in Modern America" by Ian Dowbiggin. It was pretty much gaining ground until those idiots in Germany went a little overboard with it. If I can quote Clarence Darrow “chloroform the unfit and show them the same mercy that is shown beasts that are no longer fit to live.”
  6. Too late, she has already whelped and getting ready do so again. We're fucked!
  7. nimroods


    What is the definition of eternity in NYC? The time it takes from when your done banging her until the time she leaves. What is the definition of a split second in Los Angeles? The time it takes from when the light turns green until the asshole behind you honks his horn.
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