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  1. Welcome back Hobot!! Very glad to hear you are recovering and that you are well enough to be back posting.
  2. Safe to assume he is heading back to Hilton Head I think for whatever reason. Hope nothing serious.
  3. Yes his general plan is to sail around Bermuda and back . . . or possibly sail further. Quote from his blog: A few have written wondering why I do not plan to stop in Bermuda. As I think I have said, I have nothing against Bermuda and in fact everyone I know who has visited the island has enjoyed their time there. But 800 miles is too short a distance to enter the monastery of the sea. Three or four days out and I would already be counting the days to landfall. I don’t really care that much about the land any more, if I ever did. I want to be alone at sea.
  4. Just an observation . . . the trimaran moored in front of Talisker in those photos appears to be Hydroptere no??
  5. It's actually amazing we haven't completely destroyed the planet already and that is in the relatively small time period since the beginning of the industrial revolution began (1750?).
  6. Yes please fill in the details . . . I only saw that it was dedicated to his brother Rob.
  7. Done. Thank you for setting up the account Boomer!
  8. Very entertaining book. Go Skink!
  9. Hobot and his pictures are usually one of the bright spots in my day. Get well soon!
  10. +1 and then wander around town for awhile, hit the Green Parrot. . . maybe dinner at Louie's Backyard or Seven Fish
  11. Correct. Good recap of the project and some history on Chris here https://www.sailingworld.com/story/racing/saving-hydroptere/
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