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  1. Try Chicago Marine Electronics http://www.chicagomarineelectronics.com/ Contact us, Write, Fax, E-Mail, Call M-F [9.00am-5.00pm Central US (- 6h GMT)] at: Hellas Marine, Inc. Chicago Marine Electronics 212 E. Crescent Ave. Elmhurst IL. 60126 USA Phone : +1 (630) 501-1938 http://www.chicagomarineelectronics.com/images/cme_email.gif
  2. Rudder is toast for sure. I would not trust it at all.
  3. The trailer we used had keel about 4 inches off road. Not anything like that.
  4. I moved my 40.7 it was shoal draft. Trucker thought it was deep fin version . He set a route that avoided low bridges - we removed front and rear pulpit prior to him understanding no deep keel version it was no big deal if they travel during weekdays they need a spotter vehicle My move was in Michigan cost was reasonable 2k good luck
  5. I have a B&G H5000 underdeck system it’s works great. Need to have the 9 axis gyro sensor. Works great in all types of air.
  6. My dad had a person aerial it was a great boat. - once while towing the trailer detached for station wagon(442 engine). It went down the freeway on its tongue crashed thru the guardrail at stopped. No damage at all except for the pot on the stove that fell down It was our little secret I was told the passers by helped hook it up and off we went. He added a bow sprit to help light air up wind. It was a PHRF killer. mom never found out
  7. Nice I raced against them and and kept in bounds - I call this cheating what do you guys say???
  8. Yep I agree it takes all the fun out of racing. regarding getting people into racing -I belive we are loosing ~30% of new sailors. They will never start racing due to this stuff.
  9. Follow up: he emailed me with the usual it’s just a race why am I getting all worked up? I responded I will protest him next time. Today he responded with let’s be friends stuff I think he got the message. The little talk/emails I hope works- protests are a pain. That being said I have the red flag ready and the protest forms in the nav station. thanks for the comments next week we will see.
  10. Ok here goes racing in Detroit nice little 6 mile jaunt around the cans we always get a little fleet compression at one of the marks with a range of cal 25s sport boats and some old IOR type boats. It’s fun and interesting to maneuver thru with my bigger than most boat. the issue is their is this guy - who cut inside the Fleet on new breeze failed to give room (to me) and then says what it’s a beer can race what’s the big deal? Sort of like those guys who barge at starts . BTW he’s not in my class it’s going to happen again he is the type. Is a protest the only
  11. I had a Santana 35 it was a great boat - of course I had to rebuild it. its roomy has great PHRF rating, kids loved it, and not very complicated to sail. Its still my families favorite boat.
  12. Clean has it right. It’s business- used boat market is about to tank as this thing winds it’s way thru Economy
  13. Absolutely - the market has changed No reason why you should not renegotiate
  14. for me the ORR ez is not an option - they require me to get the full ORR. I need to ORR for the Mac race. Phrf for the club sailing and an overnight race I always do.
  15. Well where I sail they do both and its expensive to say the least.
  16. In my local area you must have an old 80's style boat, C&C 39 J30 ect...and some have even older racing against sport boats; boats that weigh 1/2 to 1/4 of thier weight. The witnd is light and the courses are short and new boats cannot get away from the older boats enough to save thier time. Boats are staying away the classes keep getting merged and now you are in a death sprial. What kills me the guys winning are the same guys every year and they think the system is great. I am now transiting to double handed with the wife as these guys are having fun and my goal out sailing is
  17. Well an actual analysis of the failed part. Seriously Jason I would be doing the same thing you are doing. Defending your "brand" and you have done a great job at that. Glad you got the information out there regarding the "keel" design and the history. it's not a robust way to build any keel. The conversation should be how can we prevent this nonsense from ever happing again. Keels should never fall off. Tom
  18. I agree totally for what its worth - I have a First 40.7 shoal draft and I get my ass handed to me every time I go up against a First 40.7 with the deep draft. Farr VPP has me slightly lower but same speed. Not true in real life. both boats have North 3Di and deep draft is higher and faster upwind. I am maybe a little quicker downwind- but the upwind delta ensures I look at there transom the entire race.
  19. 5000 lbs that is a heavy 25 ft boat.
  20. Hey good thing this topic started back up. I have ordered a 3di Endurance mainsail. I am wondering about the carbon comments - I thought that a 3Di endurance has carbon content -
  21. You really need to trace the wire
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