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  1. Hi Guys, a quick reflection on what is what. Chi-Mac is a race for which SSC27 was built for - especially shorthanded, CRW is a race for which Js are built for - especially fully crewed. One is high performance shorthanded daysailer/cruiser, other more of a fully crewed daysailer/cruiser/racer. A bit like comparing fun-board with a race-board in windsurfing. In 2014 CRW results 27 had sail fitting issues since the package arrived fresh to the race and it was a case of adjusting rig geometry to fit the sails and not other way around. This year it was already a bit better, but as always One
  2. Hi Guys, Sail configurations are pretty basic with addition of Staysail which works also as J3. So upwind normally J1 and staysail (Svein has J2 as well) and main with up to 2 or 3 reefs, reaching C0 or FR0 together with staysail, downwind Masthead and fractional gennaker (runners) with staysail in higher TWA and without in lower. That said, many owners use her as a simple sport boat with main, jib and masthead gennaker. All the rest is mainly for long distance racing or for extra fun when you are single handing.
  3. Maybe written a bit ambiguous the message is: Yearly Marina Berth for 27 in Europe is roughly 3000-4000EUR. Shipping a 40ft from Europe to lets say Thailand is roughly 3000EUR. So: ship her to your favourite destination < a price of the marina berth Admittedly your favourite location might be more expensive and the berth price in your country might be cheaper. But this is from the design brief so it is more about the concept.
  4. This one would probably please you more: https://www.facebook.com/thinkseascape/photos/pcb.246868382173561/246867942173605/?type=1&theater Will probably complain about the mainsail shape though.
  5. NOR3 just missing 1st overall on this year Skagen Race in Norway - they were sailing double handed. Winning the class easily. http://www.seilmagasinet.no/resultat?regatta=1441
  6. Thanks for the tips guys. I plan to fly over to New Orleans to help set her up for the first time and then we'll see how we go from there. And although she is not a dedicated sport boat like Open570, M20 or J70 she is quite a bit of fun. And she is designed to sail shorthanded. Last year we managed to beat quite a few Minis (admittedly not sailed at their best) at 130 mile siglehanded race in Denmark. In any case we'll keep you posted.
  7. Btw, the traveler cleats can be moved in front or behind the winch. We had guys who wanted it one way or the other so we made monolithic reinforcement for the cleat long enough that you can move it if you want.
  8. Yes tapered sheets are prefabricated and we don't unpack and shorten them. Have it on the to do list though. Other ropes should be right length - some are longer since some prefer it that way (main control ropes like vang, cunn., out. …) For the bracket we got feedback - we are sending replacement. For the inhauler: as you can see from the proto photos we started with mumm30 system which is super clean and neat but after a while simplified it to fixed one to give owners just 2 discrete positions. There are several reasons for that: - we us inside D1 which doesn't allow you lots of pla
  9. Hi Peter, for the engine bracket you should insert the pin to the bracket that prevents it from lifting when reversing. It is already there just needs to be put in place. For the deck gear would be interested to know what changes would you do. Unlike most of the new boats we spent a year working on a prototypes deck layout and optimising the running rigging but it is true we come from French school which thinks a bit different Here are some photos of the prototype http://frederic-augendre.photoshelter.com/gallery/Seascape-27/G0000n9TpYO2lz9g/0/1 All boats are weighted and we don't acc
  10. As we expected we are faster than rating in VMC mode and slower or equal in VMG mode under 20kt.
  11. Well the keel profile is in fact more efficient in terms of lift/drag since it doesn't have a bulb. On the other hand it is less efficient in keeping the COG low. In a nutshell 2m deep SSC27 keel is better than 1.6m bulb keel but not as good as 2m deep keel. Pricewise it has a lot to do with options. Here in Europe recommended end price for the boat is currently 54000EUR+VAT (about 74500USD). That is for a naked boat. It might go up a little bit in the future. Then add sails, engine (I would recommend 6hp), electric and electronic + transport and import taxes. So you get pretty good i
  12. It all depends how the hinges and rudders are built. Pogos2 for instance have them and they normally sailed about 10000 miles in a Transat year without any problem. They even had that funny hydraulic ram configuration which was attached on the rudder trough the rudder chainplate. And just a note regarding Left coast Dart - even though boats are close in the length we are talking about two completely different concepts - Dart is an inshore VMG boat that needs some crew weight for fresh wind (according to data) SSC is a VMG/VMC hybrid that is designed around shorthanded crew weight. Sure it doe
  13. Well guys some quick explanations - ORC certificate is not based on actual weighing the boat but uses specified loaded weight with all sort of stuff included… If you put all sorts of stuff on the boat - 10hp engine, electricity, fixed toilette, 8 sails… you can easily end up to 1500 or even more kilos. There are some boats though that race on lakes in light configuration without push and pullpit, low lifelines (sport boat fashion) and no cushions which get to specified weight. Ad Cat2: unfortunately you can't do it for everything. Even so we stretched her to the limit of what we consider stil
  14. that was trailability before spell checker kicked in
  15. Hi guys, problem with 800cm long boat is that it quickly becomes something that promises to be everything in a small package but ends up to be nor mouse nor bird nor Batman. SS27 is compared to simple coastal sport boats with no interior or engine solution like M24, J80 or even J70 on one side due to her trainability, performance and ergonomic solutions and small yachts like J88, A27, J92 H30 or even Pogo30 due to her habitable interior and offshore going capability. Since we took the challenge of building a "Batman" it was inevitable that engine preferences will vary from electric torqueedo
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