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  1. Where did you get that data? 6000 at best... Unless woolen mammals were sailing way back when... I misstated, 130,000 years, they found evidence of human settlement on Crete, stone age tools and such, and Crete has been an island for 5 million years or so, they had to get there somehow, they must have had boats at least as advanced as the FH... cite There's no way their boats were as good as FH... The gas BBQ and the sliding glass door had not been invented yet. Speaking of the sliding door, with the appearance of the droop in the porch, and likely the entire bridgedeck, does the doo
  2. (561): i stole $50 bucks from my girlfriends purse to pay for my other girls abortion pill...shes gonna be pissed
  3. (612): I'm torn. Shes everything I ever wanted, but I just cant get past the story about having drunken sex with her dog in high school.
  4. (520): But I don't consider them one night stands. They're auditions.
  5. (571): final count. 18 beers. 4 shots baileys. 2 shots vodka. 1 glass champagne. vomited in the yard after losing my phone in a field for 8 hours. Possibly played tag with myself
  6. (908): do u think i could put an abortion on my debit card?
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