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  1. https://www.vmaxtanks.com/AGM-Batteries_c_21.html Best bang for the buck, recommended by solar engineer. Available at Sam's, Walmart, online from manufacturer's distributor. Call them to find nearest supplier.
  2. I plan to purchase either a Raymarine Axiom 7 with Navionics chart package, or a Garmin GPSMap 742 Plus with their Bluechart G3 maps, both around $500. I would appreciate feedback from those with experience with both of these charting programs and/or chartplotters as I've never used Raymarine/Navionics; my experience has been with Garmin chartplotters and Bluechart only. I realize there are later models offered by both, but these are particularly good price points. Like
  3. Sounding lead? Is the line attached?
  4. You should be able to realign the stripper/selftailer arm without completely removing the drum and exposing the gears; it's on top of the drum and the first element to be removed when servicing the winch. Adjust it to the 4 o'clock position when in use and it will dump line behind the direction of pull.
  5. I had a Nexus wind instrument that did the same thing when calculating true - always an offset one side or the other no matter how I adjusted it. I finally gave up on true and used it for apparant only. That's what the sails feel and get trimmed to so is most important. "True" was never that, just a fictional algorithm gone awry.
  6. Does this have 2 blocks in it for a 4 part purchase that goes to a double block up top? I use a lewmar with snap shackle on the upper fitting for my cunningham/ reef tack and I could use a new lower assembly.
  7. https://rwrope.com R& W Rope in New Bedford MA
  8. West Marine has a HH VHF AA replaceable battery tray $150 https://www.westmarine.com/buy/standard-horizon--hx380-5w-commercial-grade-handheld-vhf-radio--17266644?recordNum=2
  9. I've been using Antal sliders on a full battened main with 50' hoist. I agree with Slug - the system is reliable, slides easily and stacks small. No moving parts is good. I squirt some Mclube on the sliders once in a while. Never a problem. The sail drops like a ton of bricks.
  10. I have an old masthead wind unit from a 1981 B&G Heingist Hercules III. Yours for $100. Another $100 buys the whole shooting match - 4 guages, covers, knotmeter - (sans propellor), harness.
  11. I've got # 3, with a 53' mast, and full length battens. It is tricky to raise main past first 3 battens. I also use rings rather than blocks. There are 4 hollow base cleats on my boom; a single jackline dead ends at the port forward cleat, then up/down to ring, through the aft port cleat, under the boom, through aft starboard cleat, up/down through ring, cleated at starboard forward cleat. Simple, strong, works. I got rid of the Harken miniblocks years ago.
  12. My aluminum Antal track is attached to my carbon wingmast with flathead SS machine screws; threads tapped into the carbon and screws installed with a dab of thin epoxy. It has never corroded or shifted, and was possible to remove easily when the mast needed refinishing 20 years later.
  13. The Sorrel boot I mentioned is waterproof. It is lace up so not a sea boot which can be kicked off.
  14. I've used the Guy Cotten Aston boots for years. They have removable foam liners that make them warm and cushy. Non marking white soles. A bit narrow now for my widened feet. Good value (around $80). I buy them locally at a fisherman's outfitter, also at Hamilton Marine or online.
  15. Although not a sea boot, I find Sorrel (or L.L. Bean) boots warm and comfy for night watch/ winter sailing. Warm weather Keen Rialto 2 sandals and extra thick merino wool socks, even in summer - not waterproof but warm, comfortable, and good protection for the toes.
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