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  1. The boat came from the factory with the free standing Forspar mast and balstrom boom. The Steve Dashew was open to the idea and liked the simplicity. His one concern was noise from the bearing at the deck. The first owner converted it to a fixed mast position and forstay. My experience with the boat having sailed across the Pacific and back is the bearing makes no noise and the running back stays are for head stay tension up wind. The top of the mast has the correct flex for the stiffness of the boat and heels to 15 degrees and then the leach opens up. It gives a bit a time before first reef
  2. This looks like a good way to get lost in French Polynesia. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/sundeer-60-performance-cruiser-2/ or https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1995/sundeer-60-3867806/
  3. How are backing plates done on new high performance boats? As I was placing a epoxy buttered aluminum plate up to the underside of the deck I had a thought. New race/performance boats can't be doing this. Is the new practice to add more laminate to the stack before the infusion? Any pics or info would be great. Thanks
  4. Any ideas why WO took the foil out? Seahorse had an article on the 60' WO that added one with good results apparently. Also, a new Baltic 140 has one as well as infinity yachts. It seems to me some older boats like Olson 30 or Hobie 33 could benefit from a retro fit.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I plan to do some test panels, but was curious before getting started. Any idea what fairing and 2 part weighs over a peel ply laminate surface?
  6. thanks a bunch. Are you working towards any particular foil shape? Do you control the foil section with the I beam?
  7. How thick is a textured gelcoat finish? Or how much does the gelcoat add per sq. meter? I have been on a new FP 47 recently and the whole cabin roof is sprayed with gelcoat to create a textured surface. It looks quite good and reduces interior finish times on a catamaran significantly. Just wondering how much the finish would weight compared to fairing and 2 part poly paint system? The hours difference are almost to large to count
  8. Hi Steve please don't forget about us. We are really interested to see some photos of you process.
  9. It sort of make the 2nd movie a bit lame when you watch the Roam vid. Same island group, same surfing and surfing kid, same ecosystem research, same boat. Just more money for filming on second trip.
  10. Did you consider the 3Di Nordac or Fibercon - Dyneema/ dacron woven cloth (can't remember other brand name)? Does the Kevlar last longer with the cover than the Dyneema 5-8 yrs? thanks
  11. Hey Soma, I am curious what brand and material you went for with your sails? Did you do SS rigging or consider dyneema? How long do you expect the Seadek to last in the Tropics and what is the cost of it? Thanks
  12. How is this for an idea. Have bi plane large wing masts aka Eagle 53 with the soft sail off the back. Maybe not for ocean crossing but coastal work.
  13. On the Atlantic cat the masts are about in the normal position. Placing the masts up forward in the bows seems like craziness. You would think Schionning would not go for that.
  14. Hi Derek, I have seen Cool Change in person as I am in the Bay of Islands. It definitely caught my eye. Like you say further down having the masts rotated towards each other must help with the force issues. Did you design the wing masts? Do the masts take up all the area in the hull or is there a cabin further forward?
  15. I was reading about the Altantic cat 70F with the bi plane rig setup. https://www.chriswhitedesigns.com/atlantic-70f What are peoples thoughts in terms of performance compared to a traditional setup? What are the pros and cons. Would the bi rig be as fast to windward? I would think reaching it would be great. Any thoughts or experience with this setup?
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