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  1. Too thin skinned to sail a Finn? So we should just accept people acting like assholes? Aren’t people that are just genuinely nice people more pleasant to be around? To say he’s too thin skinned for the Finn class speaks badly of the Finn class. And yes, I do sail a Finn.
  2. As a member of the SoCal Finn fleet and a class officer, all I can say is what a shame. There are some really strong personalities at SDYC, and one in particular that’s a real bully. I’d love to chat with you offline. Text me at 714-904-0530. But what a shame that you basically got chased out.
  3. As a sales manager for one “the majors”? You sure wasted a lot of people’s time!
  4. I work for Ullman, we can build you a very nice USTACK cover. gselvin@ullmansails.com
  5. Anchor and rode? Huh? Seriously? I can’t think when I’ve ever seen a Finn with an anchor.
  6. Just grind off the bad glass down to a good, solid substrate, lay in some new glass using a light mat, put a small piece of glass tape over the mat, then fill and fair. If you do all the glass work at one time, just letting it barely go green between layers, there’s no sanding involved. That’s actually a pretty easy fix.
  7. We rolled ours with Rustoleum after grinding off the rust. A weekend well spent.
  8. I used to work for North until they cratered when COVID hit. 3di was so expensive that we usually just didn’t even mention it!
  9. Back when I used to work for production boat builders, the vice grip method was the only method of snapping off the bolts after they were nutted up tight. 49 years later, I still swear by the vice grip method system with no issues.
  10. Just go sailing with your friends...... like this...... good social distancing.
  11. 1.5 Thumbs, you're right, looking at this, I think this is D's old boat! He was always wanting to trade that boat plus cash for my Lemieux. That boat of D's is butt ugly, but damn, he could sure make it go go go!
  12. Ok, so looking at this picture of me not hiking? Yup, like driving a nail in with your hand indeed. But we love 'em.
  13. I just came upon this thread, so I apologize for being late to the party. I've been sailing Finns for about 17 years now, I'm on my second one, I'm a past Finn class president, blah, blah, blah. I will say that while I sail other boats as well, my Finn is the only boat that I truly miss when I'm not sailing it, and now, with all this Covid stay at home bullshit, my boat's languishing in my garage. But to the people that say that Finns are just dinosaurs? Damned right! I think one of the fun of owning these stupid, painful, esoteric little boats is that they're just dinosaurs that
  14. I sail a Finn. We use a main sheet cleat. Are we pussies?
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