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  1. I’m with Ullman Sails. What’s so great about North?
  2. I too sail a Finn. Oh, and a Lido 14. A couple dinosaurs for sure! But hey, I too am a dinosaur, so it’s all good. I guess I’m just not too into these new overpriced bits of bling that can’t gain traction. Hell even the beloved Viper 640 is what, a design from the 90’s?
  3. No mention of Kaenon? I’ve had a pair of Kaenon Kore’s for years! The finish is going bad, might look at Kaenon again.
  4. I think you’re going to find that you’re wrong, as overall, the class is doing well, and growing. A lot of big boat people are growing tired of the big crews, and a lot of people are just seeing this as just an easy way to get out racing without all the headaches. Like I said, I think as a class, we’re going to do just fine.
  5. Can’t recall. I know on my solid Finn dolly, I had the spindle cut off and then new ones welded on so as to accommodate the wheel barrow wheels. Been 16 years, no flat tires on the dolly.
  6. I use solid rubber wheel barrow wheels for my Finn from Home Depot.
  7. Maybe he’ll read this. Uh, jibe control? Hello?
  8. Too thin skinned to sail a Finn? So we should just accept people acting like assholes? Aren’t people that are just genuinely nice people more pleasant to be around? To say he’s too thin skinned for the Finn class speaks badly of the Finn class. And yes, I do sail a Finn.
  9. As a member of the SoCal Finn fleet and a class officer, all I can say is what a shame. There are some really strong personalities at SDYC, and one in particular that’s a real bully. I’d love to chat with you offline. Text me at 714-904-0530. But what a shame that you basically got chased out.
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