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  1. Mrs. Blowhard and I just arrived in BDB (Beautiful Downtown Bucksport) from Lauderdale, which is where that 87 degrees yesterday came from. Time to get out on the water!
  2. Is there a subtle, hidden message here, that the December GMORA Board meeting is being held at "Modern Pest Services" in Brunswick?
  3. Always nice when the Kitty gets to play with the Big Dog. Looks like decent weather conditions down the Bay for the weekend. From the dance card, it looks like you'll have fun.
  4. There's no politics like YC politics. Here at the Bucksport YC (Membership 2) we NEVER argue over fine dining v. sailing, tennis v. yachting, whether to fire the chef, the sailing director and tennis pro who are screwing the commodore's wife, babysitting the other members prepubescent children, but we deal with any problem visiting sailors in the traditional fashion; "put 'em in the longboat 'till he's sober..."
  5. Retired Skipper's Race this weekend at Castine; Me and Mrs. Blownard are racing with Coach. Who's in?
  6. At the Boothbay Harbor Rendezvous, Winsome floating around in the fog ... AP for 1+45 truly sucked....
  7. My favourite yacht in the Boothbay Harbor Rendezvous, When and If, built for General George Patton....
  8. Allegro and Varuna duking it out at the finish of the Boothbay Harbor Rendezvous
  9. At the Boothbay Harbor Rendezvous -- Barbara Lockwood's Ariel finishing. First in Classic Division ...
  10. Beautiful video, Chaise! Now I understand how a person can appear to be in two places at the same time! :-)
  11. Doyle Marchant's REVOLUTION XII thoughtfully provided the shrimp for the Boothbay Harbor YC Lobster Bake last weekend...
  12. Interesting times on the r/c in Boothbay. I was weather mark. On Saturday, the signal boat winch blew the main fuse for everything, so there were no engines, no electronics, no nothing except floating towards the rocks. Fortunately, a spare fuse was found so all was well except that the anchors could neither be raised nor lowered. Sunday, the signal boat couldn't get the lunch hook to hold, so PRO Howard Leviton ran the races from the Whaler. I'm wondering how Ken Colburn could be skippering his J/105 GHOST to a first place win in Division 2 in the Boothbay Harbor regatta and also be
  13. Mrs. Blowhard & I will be on the R/C. See y'all there!
  14. Caption contest. (Jordan Pond on MDI)
  15. Somehow we survived the "Three Hour Tour" out of Belfast and found our way back to port. This was Mike the boat driver's very first trip on his wet-ink inland license. We'll be on MDI this weekend for the Hospice/PHRF Championship regatta. How did that get scheduled the same weekend as Camden?
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