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  1. Umm talk about pubescent schoolboy esqe , throw it out there every time you see something that Boris has failed on and then complain "and the way you keep on gloating about it is just disgusting too". Talk about double standards. Then just to confirm how much your schoolboy mentality takes over, you throw in the Sorry fellow if you are out of your depth, can I suggest that you might want to go onto play school forums or even mumsnet where you might get a bit more sympathy, not for the quality and information from your musings, but out of sheer pity. Back to the EU, so whats U
  2. Jack got flicked for being an over bearing fool who wouldn't take advice. . You must really miss that tingly little feeling every day when you hit the Jack " Like " button. Do you pine for him like some lap dog whose master has just gone missing or are just some expat Scot who needs a master to give you orders, no wonder wee Nichola floats your boat .
  3. Really, I seem to think that the Brexit referendum was, let me remind you 52 / 48 and yet it took 5 years to get through. Seems to me democracy is just getting back on par.
  4. From the Frenchman who writes on a sailing forum topic Brexit WTF, WTF using the tax avoiding anti Brexit leaning newspaper, The Guardian as his principal source of information about, you guessed it, his obsession with Brexit. For everything he considers wrong with Brexit, would his energies be better served reading more about what is going to effect his lifestyle, the machinations of the EU ? Contrary to the out of date plastic tub Laser1’s continual harping some 5 years on from the referendum , one thing is for sure even the pro Brexit “Luvvies” of the metropolitan elite h
  5. So Polexit is not to be, just yet. But why would the Poles leave when they are having their cake and eating it. Having received in excess of 130 Billion in Euro bungs to date, with a further guaranteed 140 Billion to 2027, one would think Ursula would be able to do something to bring them into line using the old nutmeg of withholding the cash. But with Poland and Hungary watching each other’s back and the EU hampered by its 27 country unanimity rules, Poland can simply continue to stick two fingers up and carry on riling the elite and still draw the cash. And Ursula has a personal pr
  6. I thought everyone was out of the Horizon project and its replacement Horizon Europe is so cash strapped and as yet no agreed budget to go forward, it’s whole future was in doubt.
  7. Jambalaya, LeoV is probably being somewhat short sighted as the Netherlands position is not akin to the UK's, even without the readjustments going on due to Brexit in the UK. Randstad, one of the largest temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands and abroad, cannot keep up with the unmet need for temporary workers. According to the agency’s latest numbers, a shortage of close to 100,000 temporary workers looms. In July 2021, there were approximately 207,000 open positions, an increase of more than 63 per cent from the year before. Dominique Hermans, CEO of Randstad Netherlands, sugg
  8. Polexit warming up, do as we say or we won't bung you all that dosh we have been bribing you with.
  9. Ferk me, fixed it for them. Just as an aside, bought some gear from the States last Monday week ago and its here sitting on my desk, 7 days from buying to delivery to the door.
  10. Ferk even the Champagne houses of France are abandoning ship, it’s rumoured locally that one of the larger ones has just purchased the largest vineyard in our area along with substantial farmland alongside it. Evidently with global warming and the poor quality being produced, Champagne is starting to be not quite the money spinner to the bean counters it’s once was in France. Better start stocking up on U.K. sparkling you French guys, it’s not looking good for you. https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2021/09/extreme-weather-causes-60-drop-in-champagne-crop-for-2021/ And the U.K. Wine m
  11. LeoV, this is not new, remember what was it two years ago, Jack and I were having a discussion on mechanical Asparagus pickers and my taking flack for saying that the UK agricultural business's were addicted to cheap labour rather than invest in mechanisation, as it was more economical to pay low wages. Well it might just look like they now are going to have to invest to survive, which if we look at outside of the EU at say New Zealand, where they have tooled up when they were almost bankrupted by the UK's entry into the EEC, they are now one of the most efficient food producers in the wo
  12. Ah but so does France and all the other EU countries that import all their labour from the former Ruski countries. Look at Germany at the moment, the powerhouse and bank of the EU. https://www.dw.com/en/germanys-workforce-in-desperate-need-of-skilled-immigrants-warns-labor-agency/a-58974377 We have an advantage, if we so desire and want foreign employees, we are not bound by EU employment laws, we can go anywhere in the world, unlike the likes of France who are bound to employ EU citizens. At the end of the day, the rich EU countries are going to run out of cheap EU employees mu
  13. LeoV, you are sounding more and more exteme like Angela Raynor.
  14. To be fair Panoramix you are reliant on the tax dodging, off shore, left leaning anti Brexit news rag, the Guardian to back up your missives. Do you read other news rags, search the internet for alternative views, even live in the U.K. to get day to day personal feedback, I guess not.
  15. Often looked at this one and wondered why it hasn't sold. Seems pretty good value for money. https://www.yachtworld.co.uk/yacht/2012-dix-harvey-550-5625914/
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