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  1. One of the better NZ designers Tim Clissold has pretty much what you want, the cabin is bigger than what you would expect and the weight is good for its size. https://www.tcdesign.co.nz/TC_Design/Sport_Multihulls/Pages/New_TC_601_Wedge.html
  2. Sure, but there’s more to the story than simply we can no longer get EU workers to work for shit wages to maximise our profits because there’s an unlimited supply of EU workers. One thing for sure you’re going to see story after story on the Beeb all saying we can’t get labour ( to work for pennies ) and we can’t get skilled labour to work our machines, but where in the last 20 years have these same firms paid young workers to train and where have they paid the genuine rate rather than simply employ EU transient workers. I’m all for the labour market to be radically changed
  3. The U.K. is a net importer of food. It now doesn’t care where that comes from as long as it meets UK standards. If Irish beef is more expensive and of the same end quality as say Australian and it meets U.K. standards, then yup you guessed it the consumer is going to buy Australian. Home grown produce is pretty much guaranteed a place on the table with both supermarkets and consumers demanding British sourced goods. It’s only that extra amount the U.K. suppliers can’t meet that is going to be divided up by the rest of the world. If the EU insists on its present path of want
  4. I thought Junkie Jack had been flicked for persistent bad form and yet here he is in his Fiji Bitter non de plume, the pull of the fix of a post on SA just too much to resist. Now that is truely an addicts behaviour.
  5. No, just an idiot from the Netherlands.
  6. Along with every other country in the world, probably kick the ruling elites missives into touch or commerce will just side step and find other routes in. It will never happen, the world is just too reliant on Chinese manufacturing of cheap components. As the saying goes, shutting the stable door long after the horse has bolted. Interestingly for all the doom mongers amongst you, it looks as though importing stuff from the EU is back in full flow much as it was before Brexit. Brought some batteries in from Spain, 3 days they were on my door and at a good price, cheaper than China. Can't e
  7. Ah just maybe those lovely American big tech companies who have been a major contributor to your slush funds are about to move on and you are insisting that 20 % of all border checks in the EU takes place in a country that is not even part of your country yet. Mind you Macron seems to think NI is already part of Eire, so I can see the confusion of the ruling elite of the EU. Imperialist land grabbing or what, tssk if only they knew how much of a favour they are doing for Boris .
  8. As to Ireland wanting amicable relations with the UK, well we did have a habit of bailing Irelands fiscal irresponsibility out on a repeated number of occassions, but can you imagine that happpening now that Leo Veradka pissed so repeatedly on Boris's lap, no chance for probably a few decades. The EU is so cash strapped that Ireland is going to have to dig deep in its pockets over the coming years to take up some of the slack of the northern EU countries who previously had been the cash cows. LeoV seems to be short on answers on just how much for example the Netherlands is going to have to dig
  9. You may jest but think it through, on one hand 60% loss of exports, your main tax payers moving on, with the EU you’ve drained the unlimited sponsorship to your bar bill and now you’re expected to put your hands into your pockets and cough up to pay for England’s share. On the other hand a reunited Ireland that is amicable with its main export market, no need to put ones hands into its pockets to pay for the wayward profligacy of the European brethren and trade flowing on equivalence terms. I know which hand I’d take.
  10. Far from it, just you guys have been so into the Guardian and political anti Brexit views of the chattering glitterati sitting in their glass towers and cozy worlds, that you have failed to notice the obvious.
  11. Gosh and I thought that as we voted to leave the EU, voted to tighten immigration, voted to bring more manufacturing back to the U.K. and voted for the U.K. to be less global but more U.K. that one would assume that the U.K. would be smaller and more compact in its dealings in the world. I guess only LeoV and Peter Kellner thought otherwise.
  12. Sounds a bit like my Scottish friends, moved to England straight after Uni, met a fellow Scot at work, married, bought houses in England, had children who went to school in England, had successful careers doing very well for themselves in England and now having spent their entire adult lives since leaving school living in England, are fervent Scots who will not have a word said about the Scots other than what their parents taught them. Odd for so educated people that history of 100 years ago still dominates their lives in so many ways despite having had such a quality of life in the v
  13. Have you looked at an in boom cascade system of the Tornado type, it works extremely well for not a lot of money if you use non popular brands of blocks / pulleys ( everything is a straight pull ) plus and its a huge plus, you can run the sheet from the centre or foward part of the trampoline if you are single handing. And you can use mainly cheap Dyneema for all the high loads ( use wire blocks as the dyneema wil get down the sides of the pulley on normal blocks ) You will be amazed how much you are locked onto the boat pulling at right angles to the boat and you get to use your leg musc
  14. How long can a man have a chip on his shoulder, an awful long time apparently. But Ireland is such a wonderful place that he upped sticks and left as soon as he was old enough.
  15. You do realise you are harking on about incidences that were 50 odd years ago ? Very differnet times than Ireland in 2021. You probably havent lived in Ireland for more than 40 years and your only real contact is like Fiji Bitter ( aka Junkie Jack ) that of the internet. One would think that unlike yourself, Ireland has updated and moved on in the last 40 years.
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