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  1. Don’t know if there’s still a Yachting Museum in Newport, Rhode Island (US), but outside it used sit Sven’s (or Yrvind, however he refers to himself) self-built aluminum Bris - he (nearly?) sailed it around the Horn, I believe, decades ago. He’s a legend.
  2. You mean, actually flaking the sail properly rather than just letting it flop into a stack pack, to be summarily zipped up? Yes - very good point. (And not just because it builds moral character... :-) ) I want to baby the new mainsail - assuming it ever arrives...
  3. I was once on a business trip through the Maritimes. After meeting government folks in St. John’s, one free day I walked up to the top of Signal Hill, where Marconi sent the first transatlantic radio signal. You do somehow feel you’re on the edge, so close to Europe, “just across” the N. Atlantic. It opened my mind, being up there, hoping to see an iceberg down from Davis Strait. Anyway, from up there, I looked down at the port and then spied a little sailboat amidst all the ships. Curious, I walked down and then continued all the way down to the port and found what turned out to be a 30’
  4. For sure - no class warfare. The billionaires and others have already long since won :-) (And Covid was a banner year for many.) Speaking of Maine cruising I wonder how Nova Scotia compares to Maine, cruising-wise? More remote areas I imagine? Or maybe sort of more of the same? I’ve never been to either - part of the long range plan is to get up to the Maritimes.
  5. For sure, nothing but respect for those who do it themselves. (On our quaint little island there is an annual summer house and garden tour - you can go and “ooh and ahh” at the beautiful gardens and houses. And they’re lovely. Except that the owners didn’t do the work - they simply paid tens of thousands of dollars to have their gardens built and maintained...oh well, so it is. The victors write the history books. :-) ) Don’t mind me- just in a rascally shit-disturbing mood this morning since I’m away for a month as of tomorrow :-)
  6. Still Life With Blue Barrels :-) (when you start to look like your environment...) Word is that he is actually the owner of REX IMPERIALUS, the 1937, fully restored Hinckley 80 that is a 10 time Eggemoggin Reach Regatta winner for most heavily varnished yacht... :-)
  7. Seems like the Maine summer sailing scene involves checking out people’s pretty boats and sizing up their social status. Interesting :-) :-)
  8. This is excellent and very clear - thanks a lot for breaking it down. I thought I was “overthinking” things - but I have the luxury of time to —unexpectedly— since my new main is significantly delayed (fortunately, it turns out). Re: leading lazy jacks lines forward to mast to avoid having a cover with fiddly slots in it (i.e., just a standard blanket type cover), I suppose this means dealing with them slapping at the mast, say, at anchor in high winds? (I feel like this was already discussed up thread, but I can’t recall...it was either different ways to run the lazy jack lines to avo
  9. Thanks for this, Evans. Sorry to pull you away from a good hill climbing ride :-) What you say makes sense, as far as I “understand” it. I think I need to actually see a set up in person to get it. The person I know with loads of offshore single handing experience with a 50’er said the same thing the other day when I asked him about his set up - extra long lazy jack lines on one side of the mast, to enable the trysail to be hoisted. I’ll have to go see it in person so that it actually makes sense (as I’ve never actually seen a trysail in a bag and in its own track at the base of a ma
  10. That is absolutely fucking brilliant. (Except we never do get to see or hear from “Jay” in the video.) This one takes it to the next level, and the some. Just try to keep your composure, like Chief Brody (the town sheriff in Jaws).
  11. “Gilligan’s Island,” a very bad TV show from the ‘70 (?). Luckily, you can probably watch all the episodes on YT. A vast cultural wasteland...er, treasure trove.
  12. I don’t come to this august forum to engage in baseless speculation. Rather, for hard, reasoned debate and focused inquiry. This is out of line.
  13. It’s a bit of the classic Mary Anne vs. Ginger debate. The first Sarah would whine for wine if you brought her aboard, and never acclimate to life on board. The second Sarah would grasp the fundamentals quickly, and soon be at home at sea.
  14. Just to be clear, there’s Sarah Marquis: And then —fuck the red wine— there’s the *real* Sarah Marquis, the one you want on your rope team/crew:
  15. I like the Swiss woman traveler, Sarah Marquis. She would simply plan, prepare, and head off —on foot— to walk across the Outback, Siberia, sleeping in caves, camping with nomads, etc., and come back afterwards to talk about it. Pretty hardcore - no selfie stick and YT channel. Or does she, hmm...everyone seems to have one. Anyway, she knows how to hunt, forage for food, collect water, how to survive. Respect. https://www.amazon.com/Wild-Nature-Siberia-Australia-Wilderness-ebook/dp/B011I5QSBK https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Marquis
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