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  1. After stumbling across this engrossing thread in Fix-It Anarchy on how to engineer the laminate schedule on the inside quarters of a boat to take the potentially significant loads on the mounting points of a Jordan Series Drogue, I’m wondering about how to determine the (theoretical) strength of an existing structure - the likely potential JSD mounting points on my boat. That thread is all about questioning the “well, it looks pretty strong and it probably is” approach others have taken when bolting beefy stainless plates on the stern quarters of their boats to attach a JSD to - and instead a
  2. Came across this article for installing an aluminum backing plate for mast-mounted hardware (instead of just screwing into the wall of the spar, especially where a threaded hole has corroded out), and thought it was kinda cool idea. Enjoy. Just a pic below from the article, which explains in detail how it’s done: https://svbeatrix.com/ftp/articles/published sailing articles/AddBackingPlates_toYourMast_andBoomHardware__Cruising_World_Mar_2011.pdf
  3. I enjoyed this report from some folks who were en route to Patagonia from the Galapagos and their Plan B was —after realizing they couldn’t easily actually make it to Patagonia after getting half way to Easter Island—bail on the plan several thousand miles out...and keep heading west toward Polynesia instead! http://go2anna.blogspot.com/2015/02/40-days-211-flying-fish-later-on.html?m=1 (Had to do with the nature of the S. Pacific High and other weather factors that year. I had no idea this sort of thing could happen.) Re: don’t do stupid shit - I believe Evans’s dictum is, something li
  4. I’ve sometimes wondered if there was a way to “grade” sailing routes, and by season and weather, as is done with rock and mountaineering climbing routes (Ex: F, Facile to ED, Extrement Difficile) —with a greater or lesser degree of “accuracy” (exposure, etc can be quite subjective, etc). It’s all very hard to quantify, but reasonable efforts have been made, even though the N. America Yosemite Decimal System is different from the English, French, S. African, etc etc grading system. Cape Horn can be the “Mt. Everest of sailing”, depending - but what does that really mean? Certainly a ISAF Ca
  5. Those SC50s look to have wee little flimsy anchor rollers. (Pic from that thread.). Ok, they’re designed to race - but do would-be cruisers of those boats do something with the anchor roller, I wonder? Especially on a longer cruise, you typically spend a very large amount of time at anchor...and perhaps sometimes in very challenging conditions.
  6. Yes, “London Calling” was a fantastic (double) album (which took a very long time, unsurprisingly, to be recognized as a masterpiece by the stodgy music establishment). But the song “I’m so bored with the USA” was off their first album (entitled, “The Clash”) Less melodic, and harder edged and political/punk than the later “London Calling”.
  7. I’m in. Logged in to PayPal already, just waiting to push “Pay Now” button. (Wonder why they’re selling - anything to do with the boat?) Having sailed around/across part of the Sea of Cortez years ago on a friend’s 24 footer (four of us onboard!), an escape from the hellhole of winter in New York City, catching tuna, drinking rum (and once even getting some nice cockpit vibes from his lady-friend who came along - not his girlfriend!— one evening on a passage across the Sea), I’m ready to do it in a 50’er next time. Even with a catastrophically dangerous OC (I can’t even bring myself to
  8. Great summary description of the “history” of recent boat building and design. I’ve long meant to read “Heart of Glass”, and “Desirable and Undesirable...” (and there are probably other relevant ones out there too) to get more background, as layperson and non-racer, in how design/building/the market has changed over the decades.
  9. Offset companionway warning. Do not watch if easily offended by them. Please do not turn this into a yacht seaworthiness shitfight about companionways. If you’re that concerned, please see important safety guidelines here :-) . NBJBIOC (No Bullshit Just Bikinis In Offset Companionways - a new genre :-) )
  10. Out of curiosity, what exactly do you mean that it doesn’t look great? Ok, it’s a 1980s boat that’s presumably been raced a lot, but it’s had upgrades here and there and is “only” asking $139 (but would probably take a lot to get back up, as they say the sails aren’t great but serviceable - a lot to replace). Just curious if something specifically doesn’t look great (i.e., looks worrisome/bad) to you. I haven’t boat shopped in a very long while, so I’m just curious what’s going through your mind as you look at this (other than that replacing sails would be very expensive).
  11. How do you know whether a controller and remote will work with a particular solenoid/relay? I guess they’re multifunctional, and simply send a signal, so could interface with a number of different devices/circuit types? Also - so, no issues with the signal from the remote being blocked by metal hull? (I.e., you’re on deck with remote in hand). I was wondering if that would be a consideration for a low power wireless signal.
  12. Long, long before “Casbah” pop, they had something to say... Yankee soldier He wanna shoot some skag /He met it in cambodia / But now he cant afford a bag / Yankee dollar talk / To the dictators of the world /In fact its giving orders /An they cant afford to miss a word Im so bored with the u...s...a... But what can I do? Yankee detectives / Are always on the tv cos killers in america /Work seven days a week / Never mind the stars and stripes / Lets print the watergate tapes / I’ll salute the new wave / And I hope nobody escapes Im so bored with the u...
  13. I suppose it’s kinda like The Clash signing a big record deal. They had real punk rock street cred. Then they started writing more pop-like songs (“Rock the Casbah”), were discovered, got rich, and older fans were, like, “WTF?!”
  14. Is this the red yacht thread? Finally found it.
  15. You could even wire in a solar-controlled option that auto-raises the anchor when the sun starts to rise (just be sure you’ve set your alarm to wake up before the action happens). Or, perhaps, one on a flow switch that responds to heads flushes - a night of heavy drinking and lots of flushes, switch is activated and solenoid kicks the windlass in down mode, releasing metres and meters more chain for the night, as a safety measure... :-). Unlimited options...user-customizable :-)
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