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  1. It's the slow death of SA forums:( Only when there's a Vendee or some such that the threads have some relevance to sailing, after that its just the moronic plague that infests all the media these days.
  2. GV certainly didn't invent the concept, but they took an existing concept and wrote some rules around it
  3. Add in one Brown, Gordon, who believed that all the wealth was created in the City. Fuckwits, so much lasting damage done by those two and never held to any account. Ooops, expect one of splatt's ex pat and few remoaning acolytes will jump up to defend one of his (ex) own:)
  4. think this was supposed to come out April 1st. What a load of bollocks, has Evans finally lost the plot?!
  5. you need someone that has designed in real life the whole enchilada, not just area specialists. The problem then is keeping the ideas and egos in check while having a clear idea of the end game. Unlike a few on here I have been in an AC design team - and once was enough!
  6. Dead right - they have a team of great technicians, but no real designer amongst them that can separate the wood from the trees. Holroyd certainly isn't the guy, and neither was Claughton for Bermuda. So you get design by committee and end up with a camel. It's no secret that a design team needs to have an Adrian Newey who can see how it all really fits together and cut off time and $$$ wasting excursions. It's been a failing of pretty much every UK team in the past and others too.
  7. nah - probably they were on a $$$$/win contract and that was the pressure that cracked them:)
  8. That depends on the sailors. Ben is not and never has been technically minded, all done by Sid for the Finns and I very much doubt that he could really pass on anything useful when he has no idea of the physics involved. He's certainly not alone in that respect, many respected Olympic and World champions rely on others for their equipment and all they have to think about is the actual sailing. Olympians such as Elvstrom and Rodney used to the norm in understanding and developed their mounts, these days it's an exception.
  9. Strange definition of success Porkie!
  10. He won as a part of a team where he was one cog in the machine . What he hasn't done is won with him as the team principal, and with Bermuda and now the latest failure it's plain to see that this is something well outside his skill set but won't admit it. However his skill set has certainly been capable of conning backers to stick serous $$$$$$ into his bank balance for zero results.
  11. That's part of the problem. they didn't have one. Good team of highly qualified technicians. Same as last time when Claughton was chief designer, Holroyd was only ever a cfd techy at TNZ and they didn't bother to hang on to him.
  12. He'll never learn, proved that yet again and made all the same mistakes as last time. Zero respect for him and his quest for $$$$$ and personal glory.
  13. He's shown yet again that he doesn't and can't learn anything. Team player he is not, and looking like a used car salesman in crappy jeans v the Italians acting as a proper team is pathetic. Too much ego and believing his own hype, be dumb to pay him $$$$$ and do it all over again. Lots of better young guys on the way up that will be the sort of team players that are needed in the AC game.
  14. Frankly they were behind on everything and playing catchup, rig and sails in particular. The Ben and Giles show started to fracture under pressure finally as well, and that was something that should have been a key card. Mind you, a slow boat always makes your decisions look like shit. If they roll into another challenge then they have to stick BA in much reduced role, but unfortunately thats not his mentality. Should take a leaf out of six four's masterclass on how to handle both yourself and a team to get results.
  15. or you might say say Holroyd got most of it wrong and so have the Kiwis;) Guess we'll find out!
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