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  1. B&T now have a real market value which was not the case earlier - Dalton famously keeps everyone except himself on short rations and squeals poverty at the slightest provocation so would expect them to do what every other Kiwi with a market value does and leg it to the best wallet. Dalton won't pay that, and if the nationalist card doesn't come with enough $$$$$$$$ then why wouldn't they head out. And after all, poor GD has to pay for his new motor cat and nice houses so doesn't leave much else to be shared around;)
  2. Happened before - when the Admirals cup got infested with 'professional' sailors and as a result then sadly dumbed down the racing, the owners all moved off into Swan worlds and such like realms and carried on spending just as much $$$$ but were back to enjoying the sport.
  3. Dalton is way out of his depth, knows full well they've made an unsustainable monster out of the AC and can't find a way out. Forcing teams into having to run yet another complex boat just to fill his coffers - he's a total fuckwit at times. Best to call it day and start again with a bit of sanity and fewer egos involved.
  4. This is quite a key point - the F1 aero guys are very smart but they are working within and to a set of rules that are applicable to cars and their needs. What they may not bring with them is the more fundamental understanding of what a racing yacht is all about, and the myriad of specific conflicts that arise from having to work in the interface of wind and water. I rather doubt that they will have enough design time to really get up to speed on this. Unless of course the event all gets delayed as nobody seems to want to hold it!
  5. Grant couldn't wait to get out - was not a happy camper, and neither was anyone else.
  6. disagree on Holroyd, he's always been a very good CFD technician but lead designer material he is not. Possibly one can say the same about Fischer as well though and so far the design team makeup looks to be a bit thin.
  7. Ainslie's Ego once again. He'll never learn and he'll never win with this hangup. Just hope for a change he gets paid on results - might make him take a more pragmatic view of the campaign.
  8. Read - - Great opportunity for Marcus Hutchinson to make some $$$$$!
  9. Spot on - the only people that give a flying fuck about the AC these days are those who rely on it to top up their coffers every few years. Step forward BA who has spent ???££££££££??? to be the laughing stock of the AC world but sure hasn't gone pennyless as a result. That does not go unnoticed. Seems the same in Kiwiland too but at least they got a result out of it. Ratcliffe might be trying to sports wash what he does but that too is seen for what it is. And does he give a FF? Funny old game, but it's moths to the candle. Was way better when you simply had a couple or thr
  10. That.s the bottom line - GD is getting greedy, boats cost too much so few participants, wheres the return except to the team guys? Which is what GD or any of the other team 'leaders' are about to keep their nice little lifestyles intact. Days of 'doing it for the country' are long gone sadly but that's the line that's always trotted out.
  11. tens of millions - dream on...feel sorry for the Micks if they do get this, they'll be well and truly financially kippered by the end. Bit like hosting the Olympics:( Mind you, maybe the EU will want to stump up
  12. Nothing, but it's French and was always going to be...
  13. see also that the shonky Hosford has decamped from ATR management to get his paws into the mix - trust him about as far as you could throw him. As usual it'll be all the wrong people in charge of the asylum:(
  14. Will get the dog label whether deserved or not now, resale 'value' just halved or vanished. Can't see HB staying in the game after this, no results or returns for some pretty serious dosh. Apivia truly impressive!
  15. should have said Athena Racing....
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