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  1. Just like my old Hunter. Definitely not bluewater capable. Someone needs to tell him.
  2. PS - that above video is coming up on 1M views. In a week. Not bad.
  3. Yeah - watching the AC was definitely a pain in the butt (and underwhelming). I was able to to find European channel streams here and there in dodgey places when I had the time and interest to watch (purely for educational purposes mind you). But I don't think it got anywhere near the global broadcast coverage that SailGP currently has. Of course, broadcast is certainly no longer king. So I don't think it's the success metric it used to be. I have heard from some KiWhingers that the SGP YT content was geo-blocked for them last season. Which I thought was pretty funny. But I assume that's
  4. SailGP is on CBS Sports Network in the US, Fox in AUS, Canal+ in FRA, SuperSport in Angola, SportKlub in Bosnia, and Sky in the UK just to name a few. So not just YT. Of course, I almost exclusively use the app because it's such a great way to watch.
  5. Cadiz in-app analyses starting to go up. I'd forgotten how poorly the Kiwis did in R1. I mean, I'm not surprised at this point - but oof. Also, it will be interesting to evaluate the "e-stops" we've heard about in the upcoming races.
  6. Erik's back out there in the North Sea. And his footage is still some of the best I've ever seen...
  7. To give a sense of the growing popularity of SailGP, I had the tab with the YouTube video open from yesterday when I did the above analysis. I was curious about views and took a look. It was 155,237. I then refreshed... Looks like people are interested. And not just sailors. Compare these numbers to the AC vids. Oof.
  8. Looking at the video and this sequence, it definitely doesn't look like a rudder pop - but simply getting overpowered... Rudders/foils in and biting - but a ton of twist in the wing and a full-on jib compared to the other boats... As they build more speed/apparent wind their lee bow starts diving. Though the rudder is coming up for obvious reasons - its still in... More evidence of that here...bow is starting to dive as wing and jib are still fully powered up...but sb rudder is still biting... Bow comes up a bit due to that rudder (see the spray)...BUT the
  9. At only 5 points better than FRA in last place, I think NZL is done. The whole top of the leaderboard would have to collapse - and they would have to dominate. And I'm certainly not holding my breath on that one. NZL have performed horribly in SailGP. They are just not on the same level as these other guys. It's that simple. The numbers don't lie. Now GBR has a shot. But again, that would require the top 3 falling apart consistently across the remaining races and GBR dominating. They just haven't shown the consistency required to pull that off. But, that's what fun about racing. Anyt
  10. The starboard rudder unquestionably pops out (along with everything else at the back of the boat) - but it looks like it only does so when the port hull is buried. So that doesn't seem the be the cause...at least according to the imagery and data. Of course, everything happens in the span of 2-3 seconds.
  11. Well, obviously I have no control over what you believe. But the results speak for themselves. What is clear in SailGP is that consistency wins. Period. AUS has been up and down the board in various races - but overall has been more consistently in the top 3 than any other team. That's what the points tell you. So, believe what you need to believe. But it's clear AUS has been able to deliver more consistently than anyone else in these races that have huge variables in performance. And when you take into account the mechanical problems they've faced in multiple races - that's incredib
  12. Regarding the above GBR sequence, what I don't know for certain is if the jib was really an issue at all. What Jensen is fighting in that last second is the wing sheet at the winch (not the jib sheet which I think is a mechanical control). Clearly the wing is fully powered up at this point with twist and at some point the wing gets overpowered and the sheet no longer has any affect anyway - and you're going over (covered by PCJ in one of Mozzy's vids). That said, it could be a combo where the jib wouldn't de-power as described (mechanical issue), then Jensen started try to blow the
  13. Yeah - I remember seeing that. It's not in the data...from any of the 3 boats. Ben is covering his arse.
  14. PS - regarding the reported "gust" you can see the wind speeds for yourself.
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