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  1. Like I (and others) said, your statement was wrong. As to your continued confusion, all I can offer is THIS...
  2. Sure they do... https://sailgp.com/news/bermuda-season-2-results/
  3. Simple....your statement is wrong. You really should go back and look at the results.
  4. The boat that won the final - won. The boat that did not, still got its season championship points from previous race wins - but did not win the event when it counted in the final. It's actually very, very simple. I suppose I just don't understand your complaint. Giving first place to second place just isn't how it works.
  5. As I said - the solution to your posited conundrum is very simple... Win.
  6. If you had any question at all about GBR's superior talent and smarts on the course at this point - this was the jawdropping move in the final that will haunt Slingsby's dreams for years to come... And it's not simply that AUS went in, but why it went in. Jensen completely flattens the wing, Ben steers the angle, and AUS splashes in the enormously dirty air. Incredible. It shows exactly what Ben and his team are capable of. THAT's Slingsby's nightmare. Levels to the game. It's going to be a great season.
  7. Someone asked me why I don't post in AC SGP thread anymore. Well, it's a long story that involved me giving a massive wedgie to a certain cross-section of posters followed by lots of tears and threats. I finally heard the word "uncle" and left. But more importantly its just not a fun or interesting discussion over there for the most part. When the 2nd most prolific poster in that thread can only incessantly crap all over SGP while saying he's not interested in the subject - what's the point? Why argue? And in any case, my SGP threads in this sleeply little MHA forum are always
  8. It's still fleet racing and match racing. It's just that a 3rd boat is in the mix in the match - which makes things a lot more interesting (e.g. - when AUS pushed FRA out at the start, caught GBR, but then got blown down by GBR - which was brilliant - and had to fight off FRA to hold 2nd). It's certainly a new twist - kind of a "double match" - but I don't think it's confusing - just new. As I pointed out in my analysis, the F50s are nothing like the AC75s were. If the F50 does fall off, it gets back up and running very quickly. They don't have to sail the wrong way out of bounds just to
  9. "Real world" - meaning "traditional"? I think the 3-boat medal race final is a great idea. All of them know it's top 3 - and all of them know anyone can take it. So they go for it. The season championship points are still accumulating - but the event is up for grabs to whomever can win that final race. It makes every event important to the overall season - AND exciting at the end. Making SailGP a "tennis match" over the whole season with each event being a "set"? That sounds absolutely horrible. The bottom line to the current formula, you have to win to win. If you don't think it's fair -
  10. Just put up the analysis of The Final - with extra screens from the app showing the data at critical moments in the race. You can really see how Ben and GBR are beating AUS and everyone else when it counts...and so can all the other teams. No secrets. Just skill, performance, and strategy. Great stuff. I can't wait for Italy.
  11. Couldn't agree more. And I think that's abundantly clear now - by the sailing itself and by the words coming from the pro sailors themselves. The America's Cup is a stodgy, traditional event. And that's fine. But SailGP is ball-busting, flat-out racing. And I definitely prefer the latter. BTW - analysis is up for races 4 and 5. Pretty interesting stuff. Final coming soon.
  12. In Mozzy's video, PCJ mentions the crazy acceleration that these small wings provide. He said none of the teams were ready for that kind of speed. He said USA thought JPN would cross first too, but that acceleration for USA happened faster than any of them thought it would. Boats are just too damn fast.
  13. As I said - I won't put my astute analysis here. But I will leave these 2 little tidbits to show you guys how cool the app is (notwithstanding the bugs in the team abbreviations on the leader board)... And what do you notice about this screen?
  14. If you saw the technology (and the target audience dynamics) you'd understand why they are focusing on mobile. It's the right call - as frustrating as it may be for some. At least they are making the races accessible on the social platforms as well. It's all good.
  15. It was your prompt that made me read his story and decide he needed an earful via a direct, and wildly inventive FB post.
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