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  1. Anybody done one? I showed the missus some trips on the square rigged bark Europa, and she is all in. Probably because she won’t have to deal with a kite. Anyway, I was gobsmacked, and would like to know if anyone can recommend the Europa (or not). Are there other, better options? I had high hopes for the Europa thread on CA, but that instantly went sideways.
  2. I do need it racing a Taipan. The original 8:1 Ronstan lower triple with a cam cleat is beginning to fold in half from the loads. It’s what the boat came with so I gave it a try, but it’s not really up to the task. A 10:1 that can handle the loads would certainly be better. 12:1 might be too much though. Even fully on there’s still 18” of vertical travel remaining, so stack height isn’t a big deal.
  3. Anyone tried it? Yay or nay? Is 12:1 too much line to pull on a beach cat? Harken says you can also rig it at 10:1 or 11:1. Would you taper the sheet?
  4. Thank you for the compliment on the Taipan! It’s crazy how many compliments that boat gets and comments about what a good boat it is, even in the US. Sailors I’m in awe of walk by and say “great boat, love those”. I’ve worked my way from Taipans, to F-16s, to foiling A-cats, and back to Taipans. For where I race, I love it. Your method is obviously solid. My point is, those two beginners have a lot to learn. They were clueless that they were going to whacked. That is no way to remain safe. Hopefully they’ve learned to be a little more aware.
  5. The radar helps determine the storm track and development to see if it’s a threat while the storm is still distant, say 20 miles or an hour away. Plenty of time to recover the dinghy, drop a second anchor, stow the Bimini, put an extra wrap on the sails, have the engines idling, batten down the hatches, put on goggles, and whatever else you think might be needed.
  6. Anyone paying any attention at all would have seen this storm coming and been watching it on a radar app. They have a lot to learn.
  7. Got that right. And it’s Seppo, thank you very much.
  8. The Gray Ghost. Landed on that boat many moons ago.
  9. Thank you Sailabout, your reply is appreciated. Carbon and Kevlar layups are unfamiliar to me, so I was a little trepidatious. What are peel ply and bleeder cloth? Fwiw, I already used some slow cure West to have time to thoroughly wet out the layers, then clamped them in place to cure. Sanded, faired, sanded, and touched up with white epoxy appliance paint. Good as new. I think. Question: If you were to get exposed Kevlar threads, how do you deal with those? They are tough bastards.
  10. Those military sailors might have been very close to disaster. If a big hit like that causes them to lose propulsion, even temporarily, and they wind up beam on to those seas, they could be farked. Any “small boy” sailors here?
  11. Long story short, I smooshed the front corner on one of the bows of my Taipan. It’s solid Kevlar laminate in that area, and I’d like to know the best way to wet out the delaminated layers before clamping back together. It’s only about an 1/8” smoosh, and the layers are still pretty tight. Would super glue (CA) be a good choice because it will flow well? Or should I try to wet it out with epoxy? With any luck, after clamping it should just be fill and fair without any Kevlar involved. If there are Kevlar fibers sticking out, how do you deal with those?
  12. Klein screwdrivers are THE BEST!
  13. Listen, after sailing the Bahamas for over a decade we sold our Sabre 38. We decided to charter every place we want to sail, except the Bahamas. For the Bahamas, local sailing, and racing, we got an S2 7.9. It has a 13” draft with the board up, and we put a pull down with a releasing cam cleat on the swing rudder. She sails like a witch, also, and can go ANYWHERE. A couple of days at anchor, couple of days drunk in a resort, couple of days in a marina is how we cruise the Bahamas, as a rule. At that price point and draft, you can go anyplace and spend whatever you want, and you never need to w
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