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  1. It’s going to be the best beer ever in Cherbourg, though.
  2. Agreed. At a typical trolling motor speed of around one knot, a one inch round shaft is fairly low drag. You also lose the ability to raise or retract the trolling motor if you install a fairing, but that may not be an issue here. If you want to get serious, you’re going to need to incorporate Reynolds numbers when you change fluids, like from air to water.
  3. Those horns on the bow are called “bridle catchers”. Jets used to have a harness called a “bridle” hooked to them, and then the bridle was hooked to the catapult. The Jet continued at the end of the cat shot, but the bridle stayed with the ship. ”Scotty” btw, was a genuine war hero in WW2 I believe it was.
  4. I hate to rain on this parade, but NACA foils are only efficient (lower drag per unit of pressure differential) at generating lift. They are not the lowest drag fairing.
  5. I’ve been on aircraft carriers in seas that made me apprehensive. You keep saying to yourself: “Self, I know it can take it, and there’s nothing I can do about it anyway”.
  6. Yes, but if you think you have sailed the correct course, and are oblivious to the fact that you didn’t, Rambler signs this with a clear conscience.
  7. Dragonflies evolved 300 MILLION years ago. They have seen the dinosaurs come and go.
  8. It’s no longer a pandemic; it’s an IQ test.
  9. By that interpretation, sailing the course is voluntary. The course is defined in the SI, including marks, roundings, TSSs and if to port or starboard. Does the absence of “shall” (if it is absent) mean it is all voluntary, and you could instead sail straight to Cherbourg for the win? I don’t think anyone is going to have any luck selling that. Salter is a lawyer and all that implies, but even if Rambler was following this far-fetched logic, they wouldn’t have bothered going all the way to the Fastnet rock. So far, the best explanation appears to be that they screwed the pooch.
  10. We are infinitesimal specks living on an equally infinitesimal speck in an infinite void. More of us or fewer of us doesn’t have any cosmic implications, so I vote for fewer.
  11. If you ever were to actually do this, just holding your hand near the intakes will tell you which one is in use.
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