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  1. A CW Hood 32 just started racing with us, at 147. He owes us 24 secs per mile and we beat him by 3-4 minutes through the water. Very small sample, of course and it was only one race. 6-20 knots, and he seemed underpowered in the lighter stuff. Best looking boat out there, though, by far!
  2. There was a fellow who raced one of these to Hawaii. Had to put a sugar scoop on transom to make length. Lost his rudder and finished in a very distant position.
  3. I agree. I have seen lots of videos from this channel, which seems to be challenging. Sort of a "Haulover Inlet" for sailboats.
  4. You are nuts. Natty light at 1.50 a can off your dock, you'd make a killing.!
  5. I watched the whole video and the takeaway I got was that the women were keepers! I know mine would have had her full-on ferret face in place, but these two were down below munching in no time, smiles on!
  6. https://www.palmbeachpost.com/picture-gallery/news/local/2021/01/27/mars-explorer-and-ocean-analog-astronauts-prepare-schooner-voyage/4266733001/?gnt-mobile There's a sucker born every day.
  7. I awoke Saturday the 19th eager to get the vaccine, and was one of the first in line to receive it. I am an ICU nurse who has been doing nothing but Covid in a 10 bed community hospital ICU since March. I have been working 48-60hrs a week, and while I am not the anxious type, I recognize the strain of heavy patient loads and hours has been becoming more of an issue. When I awoke that day, I had a slight heat to my throat, that got better after a cup of coffee. Home by 9 after getting my shot, and the relief that a lot of my stress over becoming sick may soon be over was palpable. Had a gr
  8. I have a barely used constrictor clutch in 5/16". 50 bucks shipped. PM me.
  9. I swear by the Spinlock PX cleats for this reason.
  10. It is amazing how many times I read a post to think, "Jeez, this guy is an asshole!", to read you as the author! Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Chuso, did you say something? Distracted by the avatar...
  12. Thanks Sluggo. I wanted to lay the part up and then finish in a second step, using a shrink wrap similar to the shrink tape. I did end up having to add another layer of fabric with what I ended up doing. I am skeptical enough with my skills that I will leave my old tiller on board just in case!
  13. Thanks! The glass on the outside was just to isolate from the stainless rudder head. The unidirectional sleeve was all around the tiller, not just on the sides. This is a 26’ boat, an old MORC boat, that looks best from 50’. I have filled and faired and applied another twill sleeve. Paint and installation next! Thanks to all for the guidance.
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