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  1. I'd just use Navionics on a phone. You can punch in waypoints and then get bearing to the next mark, COG, etc.
  2. In the conditions you're describing (12-15 kts), sail as deep as possible. That's prime soaking conditions. Above that, if you can get on a consistent plane, you chase a little and try to get that speed. The 80 is a soaking machine. We never touch the tackline, do a little bit of heel to weather, and then it's just about communication between the trimmer and driver
  3. And now ferry builders extraordinaire
  4. Awesome. How does the 810/900 connect to the Atlas? Does it need to go through a network transmitter widget, or is it straight from the transducer to your instrument?
  5. Don't feel like reading through the whole thread, when can we expect to see sensors available and/or compatibility with NMEA wireless networks?
  6. This screen cap from YouTube looks to show some diagonal cracks on the port side of AM, forward of the mast
  7. Also explains the diver in the water
  8. Is the port foil missing something here? Or is it canted to a different angle?
  9. Doesn't reflect well on the organization that hired them.
  10. I'd like to take this opportunity to dunk all over your idiocy. The AC will not be streamed live on Youtube and Facebook in the USA. So if ANYONE in the states wants to watch it, they have to pay NBC or use a VPN. This is absolute SHIT. ETNZ is only making the AC more exclusive by working with NBC.
  11. Fuck that noise. $175 USD to watch on a shit ass network in the states? What a bunch of hypocritical bullshit. Yeah I know I can get a VPN and do some pirate streaming, which is what I'll end up doing anyways, but this is fucking bullshit. ETNZ is all about #AC36FORALL, but what they really mean is #AC36FORRICHPEOPLE. Just what our sport needs.
  12. Not according to the latest update from race HQ. JLC lost sight of him just before nightfall.
  13. Well, if he's in a life raft, I'd assume so...
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