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  1. Yeah, but did it collect any usable data?
  2. I fashioned a substitute lower hatch board out of plywood, then mounted an exhaust fan in the board. We secure a “soft” solar cell over the boom to power the fan in daylight. Crack the two deck hatches for intakes. Fan (obviously) doesn’t run at night, but you don’t want super humid night air drawn into the boat.
  3. Looks a bit like the N/M 55 Scoot.
  4. So would be feasible to do a full cruising makeover of Aurora (shorten keel and add a bulb, simplify/electrify handling gear, etc) or heresy to castrate this deep ocean racer?
  5. How about a bunch of eyelets on either side of the opening that you run a lashing through to lace it closed? Fabricate a gusset on one side to close the gap between the edges.
  6. I'm not selling anything, woody. This is for a oceanographic sensor system development project.
  7. Yeah, we know about Saildrone; we’re rolling our own. Thanks for the ArduPilot lead.
  8. The front page article (yeah I know, what’s this front page thing?) about the CYCA decisions governing double handed racing in the S2H got me wondering what is the present state of the art, off the shelf system for automated control of a sail craft? This for a technical development project I’m involved in for an un-crewed oceanographic observing platform able to transit from staging port to a work area, remain on station for several months, then return to shore. (There are a few such observing systems now available, but ours will have some unique characteristics). The pie in the sky control s
  9. So what in SA’s “collective wisdom” is an appropriate amount to pay for this particular J/125? I’m tempted (double handed day sailing, weekending, occasional beer can and around the bay type racing) but as detailed here, this boat has issues, the 8 foot draft is constraining, and it’s a LONG way from home (NE) at the moment.
  10. We attended Dick’s presentation at the Falmouth (Ma) library yesterday. Sandy Weld in audience as well. Dick mostly covered highlights from his book. Fun that his earliest sailing experiences (northern end of Buzzards Bay) is where we sail now. One anicdote from the Q&A session - in response to a question involving learning from one’s mistakes, Dick said his biggest failures were in navigation - sailing to the wrong mark because he didn’t read the SI’s carefully. Been there, done that.
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