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  1. You could look into the Raymarine RaceMaster and MicroTalk? The MicroTalk with a STNG - NEMA2000 cable can be plugged into your Chart Plotter. The MicroTalk will wirelessly feed the RaceMater on the mast.
  2. I said this before. While I am a Harken dealer, I bought the Areo because it stands up to the blazing Sun here in the Philippines. Would suggest you have condom made for what ever foil you go with. Oh and Harken and Schafer are the best.
  3. All of a sudden this annoying pop up from Infolink has started. Can the editor stop this?
  4. I bit of a high jack. But this reminds me of the Stamford-Denmark Day Race. The RC had half the fleet racing towards the East of the sound with rest to the west. They had all the divisions round the same mark before heading to the finish. And that mark rounding got the Stamford Yacht Club the Moose Head award!
  5. Using Foam Luff will work well for cruising boats. For the Club Racer, most of them I suspect will hold on to the current headsail till on the downwind leg to change their headsail. This is where a headsail with soft Hanks will work just fine. what I like about this system is that it will help boat owners take better care of thier sails. This system because if has no Headfoil Tubes means it will be easier to hoist and lower sails. Especially when you know you will not be sail for awhile. This way the sails can be stored where ever you want and not exposed to the elements. This wil
  6. R.I.P Bill. The Starting Signal up there has fired.
  7. So this is a bigger version of the 110 with updated rig and foil package. Cool. I like it especially since I grew racing 110s in Manila. And they are quick. what I would suggest is that the 110s introduce this upgraded package. It will make these boats a real blast to sail. Just like the 505s when they went with bigger kite.
  8. If I remember, you can find them in the setup section?
  9. Raymarine’s Axiom series have some very nice sailing pages and even have polars for a lot of boats. Not bad for a product that one thinks is a fishing product.
  10. The RC boat up there is on line. Rest In Peace
  11. I tried to read the article to be better informed. But I sent to Instagram. I do not have Instagram nor do I want to sign up for it. Is there another link to the story?
  12. Yes, Tape Drive is the grandfather of string sails. I remember having to make the tapes, stick and sew them down. Talk about time consuming compared to later when Bainbridge started making the tapes. We had to clear the loft floor and then roll out Kevlar cloth the full length of the floor. Then run one inch sticky back tape the full length. Then cut to make one tape. Then do the next one. Ect ect ect. after all the tapes are made, the Blank which is a Mylar sail in Cross Cut is laid out. Then you start the process of marking out the Tape Lines with loft battens based on comput
  13. So why nothing mentioned on their websites?
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