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  1. Here we have the fenders and cooler setup in the stern as the condo for club racing.
  2. I met Helmut back in the 80s when he had a NY-36 called Turning Point. Not sure which of the Considine’s (Horizon Sails) recommended to Helmut to bring me up from Connecticut to do the Chicago Mack Race. But it was a great time. My first Mac and with one of the nicest, most gracious boat owner I have had the pleasure of dealing with. RIP Helmut
  3. Thanks everyone. Now just got to find a cable since the Garmin supplied one does not allow my laptop to read the units! Never a dull moment!
  4. I have several of these as backup chartplotters and I really like these units. However, all at once, all three units can not recognize their batteries. They run with outside power source but not with their batteries. has this happened to others out there?
  5. Not Blackfin. Rig is wrong and the bow is different.
  6. she was bought by another notorious personality here in the Philippines. Leviste. if i remember correctly, drug involved. his widow became a senator here. i have a photo i took from "White Night", formerly White Rabbit, coming out of Bagac Bay, Batangas. February of 1980. it was a return race from Montemar Resort.
  7. RWO. Don’t know if they are in business but I had one on my 110 back in the 70s.
  8. They got it right. A good woman will always take care of you. So will a good boat. She will make sure of it!
  9. Tacktick Wind Sensor -> B&G Raymarine MicroTalk
  10. Typhoon Surigae or Bising locally.
  11. Hello George, this is Mike. I was in Manila just prior to the covid and plan to move there half the year asap. Also, I live on Lake Erie and I'm looking for a J/35. I'm on Viber and WhatsApp at 440-370-5708

    1. George Hackett

      George Hackett

      Good morning Calente,

      welcome to the Philippines.  We live up north in Subic Bay, about a two and half hour drive from Manila.  And we keep our J35 up here at the Subic Bay Yacht Club.  Tell me more of your plans so I can see how I can help you.  




    2. Caliente


      Thanks for writing !I have a significant other in Samar, met her a year ago- she has a nice house on the water and a farm. She also has family near Subic Bay and I know there is a nice yacht club there. I was thinking it would be a nice second home to have a J/35 in Subic and also to cruise at times, is the seven foot draft a problem for this?  

      You are very knowledgeable about the J/35. There are two nice examples one in Buffalo, NY which is 3  hours away, the other is in Green Bay, WI eight hours away. That one is owned by a lawyer, has a factory shower stall, and appears to be in great condition by photos. I'd like to buy one here and polish my sailing skills, I've lived on a Cal 34 for a year in the past but have only had powerboats recently. 

      I've been studying about the J/35 and I am very familiar with restoring sailboats, especially fiberglass repair which seems to be their biggest weakness with the deck penetrations into the balsa core and poor bedding of the deck hardware. Also the rudder bearings, and all of them have ancient diesels. I wonder how often one comes up for sale that has all of these items already resolved. 

      Anyway, I am encouraged that someone is already doing exactly what I want to be doing in the Philippines. It doesn't look good for international travel in 2021. 



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