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  1. All lead on this one below the keel/hull joint.
  2. Hauled a customers Alerion 28 for some work and saw this on both sides of the keel. The boat sits on a hoist and this is above the waterline when hoisted. Symmetrical on each side. Interesting that digging into it is a filler that I don't recognize and pretty heavy. Maybe super heated, vaporized lead permeated the filler, then cooled off? I don't know but quite intriguing. No other exit wounds that we can see.
  3. Final results here: https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/21100#_newsroom+results Congrats to Jeff, Rod, and Paul. Photos and video available on FB: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=j22 world championship
  4. They did have a South Africa entry that bailed out. And they do have an international jury.
  5. I am on a mark boat. Today was decent. Wind started out low teens. Built to mid teens by third race. Tomorrow is forecasted 15-20. PRO is Mark Foster.
  6. I'm smoking 3 briskets next weekend. What's 3 X "Drunk as Hell". I'll let you know.
  7. I know nothing about Columbias but have worked and sailed on quite a few Cat 30s over the years. Cat 30 is built pretty well. Despite being a bit fat, pretty good sailing boat and did very well in our local races. I helped a buddy get his Cat 30 from Tx to Belize many years ago. There aren't many production 30' boats I would cross the gulf in. The Cat 30 did great in spite of shit weather. 30-35 knts on the nose for 36 hrs beat the shit out of the crew but boat handled it just fine.
  8. I watched a crew building a pretty good size (~70 ft?) shrimp boat using this method years ago. I was intrigued. Crude, but efficient and simple. I love that stuff. Great thread but I sure miss IB in discussions like this.
  9. Companion way launch over the genoa sheets. Been doing it successfully for 30+ years on a J27. The prefeed/getting tack to the pole quickly is instrumental in preventing hourglasses. You have to split the corners. A good trimmer on the afterguy knows how much to pull the pole back without filling the chute too soon.
  10. If more than one turnbuckle share a chainplate, a lashing through the turnbuckle body works fine. It's been done on J22 and J24's for years. If you don't need to adjust much, cotter pins and rigging tape.
  11. A little bit of dish washing soap helps.
  12. 3M striping tape is about the best but I only know of 150' rolls. I have some. PM me an address and I can mail you a few feet.
  13. Sorry. I just realized while PUI I downvoted your dog. Beautiful dog and fixed now.
  14. Gelcoat applied with a 3/8" nap roller is pretty easy. As it tacks up the roller will leave peaks.
  15. Welcome back and your doing fantastic. Don't worry about the post count. We can adapt to random sprinkling of what used to be "top of the page" posts.
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