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  1. I went through a few of his old posts. He is on a drill ship. So couldn't be the same vessel (I hope).
  2. I had the same thought. Anyone know what vessel he is on?
  3. Done. We need to keep this thread close to the top. Donate and bump.
  4. Building a greenhouse for Mrs F_L. Spf studs for $5.99. WTF
  5. I'm in for a donation. I can't think of a better place for some of my COVID stimulus fund.
  6. Depends on your taste. Butcher paper allows for a crisper bark. Important to some and apparently the judges at the numerous cook offs. To me a crispy, crunchy bark is "meh". I'm after moist and tender. I'm smoking 2 briskets in couple of months for my mothers 90th birthday. I'll do one with foil, other with butcher paper. We'll do a side by side taste test.
  7. I use a lot of the info from this site: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/beef-and-bison-recipes/smoked-brisket-texas-style First step to good brisket is get a good cut of meat. Stay away from the flats. You want the best grade packer cut you can find. The "pros" let it age for about 30 days in the fridge before cooking. It does make a difference. I inject with beef broth the day before. Next morning, while the smoker is warming up, liberally apply a commercial rub. There are a lot of different rubs but the one I settled on has salt, cracked pepper, garlic and onion powder. We l
  8. AT&T are rat bastards. Screw me over big time a few years ago over a billing issue. Spent a considerable time on the phone, talked to many different people, finally found the "right" person. Was promised a credit, told to pay x amount. Credit never came, service shut off including direct tv. Then had the balls to bill me for early contract termination. I told them to fuck off. Tmobile has been great. Cheaper than AT&T, service is good. Pay your wifes phone off and run away.
  9. I'm envious. I have been an airplane geek since being a air force brat. My dad did 2 tours in Hawaii (late 60s-early 70s) and we lived on Hickam. We lived about a stones throw from the flight line and I became fascinated with the aircraft. During the height of the Vietnam war it was a pretty busy place.
  10. That was the explanation. He said he hoped he never needed it. And all runways don't have the gear for it. I thought it was interesting they even had them.
  11. That's pretty cool. My brother is a retired F15E pilot. I got to see his plane when he was at a nearby air base for a week. My first question to him was about the tailhook. Who knew the AF had tailhooks? As a bonus while getting a close look at the F15, an A10 and T38 landed. That's the three aircraft my brother flew. So we got a tutorial on each one.
  12. I went with Porter Cable 20v and have been happy with it. I have 2 drills, 1/2" impact, 1/4" impact, angle grinder. The angle grinder is the handiest tool I have ever owned. You can put on a steel grinding wheel, cut off wheel, or Roloc 4" grinding disc. After market batteries are available for less money.
  13. Damn! Stay tough Hobot.
  14. LCYC had a tornado go through Tues AM. Most of the damage was to the Youth fleet. Optis picked up off the dock and scattered everywhere. Some damage to the docks, daysailers in dry storage flipped or blown off trailers. A lot of boats on hydohoists were blown on their sides. Most of those were OK except a FarEast 28 with a fist size puncture in the hull.
  15. Sounds like a great trip. Have a blast and get us some pics. I have had a 80% lower for about 6 months with no plans for it. It was just a future fun project. The idea of having a scary "ghost" gun is appealing but I may have waited to long. Parts prices are sky high if available. I'll just sit on it for a while.
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