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  1. I am 100% against American adventurism and exceptionalism and in the companies I have help found and the relationships necessary to grow those businesses, there were opportunities that were turned down due to what I viewed as unethical behavior and what I would not support. Staying far away from the U.Sl Department of Defense during the war in Iraq cost millions. In the 00's defense money in the DC area sloshed around like a keg of beer. But not taking those business opportunities and thus supporting illegal wars was the correct action. I support my country and have helped create hundreds
  2. There is something about an authoritarian government that can will put a citizen in jail on made up charges should they speak poorly about the government. That will make even a billionaire disappear for a while should they not toe the government's politics. That will stamp out a pre-existing democracy because such a method of governance challenges their hold on power. That will throw into internment camps, millions of citizens because they are not of the right ethnicity. That will force permanent birth control on the female citizens of that ethnicity. That sometimes makes individuals of t
  3. Tcatman, No one has been updating the Portsmouth Yardstick list in about two decades except when the boat is one that USS wants to be a part of the Olympics or USS Junior sailing, or has become boat in the Olympics. The result of this is that most racing dinghy's built in the last 20 years will find that when they attempt to enter a handicap fleet at a travel club, they will almost always be rejected. I had it happen to me so out of curiosity and from former experience of having this experience when entering a Shaw6.50 into events outside of my home town, I entered more events. The res
  4. What needs to be done is a proposal to make a lot of money via a new cloud based rating and scoring system needs to be proposed using some bits of open source scoring code as the alpha demo that pulls down the necessary VC money to make it work. Then when it implodes and the VC cannot sell it because everyone is too stuck to their p.o.s. spreadsheets, pull the source back since it is based upon an open source license. Take from the rich, give to the, ahem, upper middle class to lower upper class.
  5. I'm going to ignore the A-Cat illustration because it falls into the extremes also known as the straw man fallacy which I know you do not typically use but this does fall into that category and the extremes of any input value range often fail to work under the system and require intervention or exceptions. Other boats that fall into this category: Flying Moth, 49er, 49erFX, RS600, RS700, Musto Skiff, and if I were to put a trap on something like a VX/Evo or Seascape14, or take any boat that can foil such as an RS Aero or Melges14 with a foiling kit, off the numbers go into the corner and they
  6. Why different wind ratings? Someone that did the math for 3 ratings became tired of the math before the person that made the 4 ratings system. That's my best guess. I do not think that ratings take into account skill. If a class becomes popular and more sailors develop better technique for that boat and share information, the rating will slowly reflect that. A one off that is only purchased by 3 people that have no idea what they are doing will get a rating based upon how different it is from similar designs and the rating will stagnate. The last one I think will come along event
  7. Anyone know more than what it on the Melges site? I didn't see a weight for the boat so my thoughts on it are on hold. Really hate that it is a baler boat and am confused on the use of aluminum for the rig as a tapered aluminum rig is not exactly inexpensive compared to carbon. Is this Melges eyeing up the Seascape/Beneteau 14?
  8. Our local club has sent in data and heard nothing back. We signed our our club with the USS Portsmouth announcement and received a form reply. Hoping we hear something eventually. I strongly disagree with a single rating number, the wind ratings of D-PN help level boats in different conditions. If USS uses a single number it will become PHRF, a thought that will drive me out of dingy racing so long as I live in a non OD sailing area. I gave up PHRF keelboat racing shortly after moving to my current location, grew tired of listening to the complaints at the bar and knowing that boats w
  9. Ah, searching for drone didn't come up with a thread. Robot marks, I guess we'll hear/see more terms in the near future.
  10. Does anyone have experience with drone marks? I found the two below and wanted to see if anyone knows of more companies in this business? https://www.marksetbot.com/ https://www.roboboj.com/
  11. Totally agree. You will never look back. Fun is as fun does.
  12. Worth another shot. And the status needs to be understood by clubs. Some are disallowing any boat that does not have a USS D-PN.
  13. What a world it would be if US Sailing took up the cause of pushing for more inclusion. I took some time, the last time you and I discussed this, to see how many boats were included from classes in the D-PN list that seem far fetched to me and found that there are some that had very few built boats. I think there a number of not really OD boats on the list because USS was much more accepting of new data to include boats, in decades past. For example, what is an X-14? How many B-14's ever made it to the US? And how about all of those Catalina 13, 14.2, and 16.5 OD's? The MX Ray, there
  14. I high-jacked the survey to reply about Portsmouth, knowing I'll be ignored. I'm encouraging you to do the same. OD dinghy sailing starts many way: A Few Juniors: Opti --> C420 --> More OD's Many Juniors: Opti --> C420 --> ??? (likely quit for some other sport) Most Juniors: Some Old Boat In Porrsmouth --> Some Old Boat In Portsmouth They Own --> ??? OD or New Portsmouth A Rare Junior: Family OD --> Maybe Something Else But Often Another old OD Adults follow a similar pattern minus the out of date Opti/C420 paths. While where I liv
  15. Thank you Gouv! This is the post I needed for this winter.
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