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  1. A white'ish / gray one sold in PA last spring. Considered it for fun but I wasn't sold by the videos of it. Does it go upwind well? I remember reading that the MX/Ray did not? With an 87kg person on the boat its numbers are in Musto Skiff territory but without a trapeze that can't be very useful? MX/Next SA/D Upwind: 35.7, Downwind: 109.8 MX/Ray SA/D Upwind: 29.8, Downwind: 55.9
  2. Someone here also recommended mixing in a clear, plastic glass so that it can be held up to the old gelcoat until it is close. There are still issues with gelcoat having its own color if no color is mixed so you should try this more than once to figure out what the dry gelcoat mix will darken to.
  3. Gave the boom a try the other night and it significantly changes leech tension, to the point that it was difficult to get proper twist on a light air night with some sheer. Seems like a good boom for events that are forecast to be all heavy air. Hated it in light air. I'm guessing that sleeving is necessary if you are not very good at remembering to ease up on the vang before the windward mark. I'm going to take the sleeve out the next time the boom needs maintenance.
  4. That all sounds on the mark. Maybe if it shows back up at one of the boat shows you might be able to get the one sitting on the docks next to the dealers who will not talk to you about it?
  5. I'm all for that. I'd like to see more changes like the C5 rigs that Julian Bethwaite designed for the Laser upgrade when it became an open conversation 4-5 years ago? Instead we all purchased new upper sections out of carbon that you now must have because pointing improved when the MkII sail is on the carbon section. Now the Radial has a new lower section out of carbon and sometime soon the 4.7 and Standard will get similar bottom sections. Some day maybe even the boom will be carbon. The boat rig will have changed and those with old rigs will not be able to compete. But nothing at
  6. Can't get past the bailers. No bailers for any current or future boat.
  7. Ah the sweet irony of strict one design classes.
  8. Well that's no fun. I have an older boom from 1983 that does not weigh what this boom weighs, it is from from a boat someone hoped I could recover but the deck and hull was so spongy it ended up being cut up. Ok, move along, nothing to see here then. I was hoping for a really fun thread full of nonsense. I did get a ridiculously old boat that is still mostly shiny, and apparently has a nice boom for it's day.
  9. I almost wrote a check in 2018 at the Annapolis boat show and they said it would arrive in about 3-4 months. But now shipping containers are $12,000 whereas they were around $3,000-$4,000 in 2018. I would ask a large Beneteau dealer like the one in Annapolis to see if it can be shipped with other stuff and/or boats coming this way.
  10. I purchased a 1996 Laser a few weeks ago and have been cleaning it up and modernizing it for local racing. It has what appears to be the correct stickers that indicates it was a boat used in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta (sailing venue was off Savannah), it has the pretty flower pattern on the boot stripe from that year. The history of the last two owners who make up nearly two decades of ownership is that the boat just sat with almost no use and other than the obvious UV damage to the bottom of the hull from reflections from the ground the boat is in immensely good condition. It is dry as a
  11. Last I remember, the club gives complimentary access to Annapolis and Maryland state/federal politicians for the bar, restaurant, etc.
  12. At least no one was asking if the workers could afford shoes.
  13. Maybe your experience is different but on the Chesapeake Bay the result has been the loss of new classes while the old classes continue to die and participation all around diminishes. Whereas I've noted that some people that buy a hot boat sometimes have and race in more than one class and as they age, some "graduate" to calmer classes as their knees, ankles, and hips require. The only air that is sucked out is from the collective, but some cannot see that far.
  14. There are always exceptions to the rule but clubs are the usually the worst group to work with. If there are existing OD's they will fight actively to keep their turf and the tactics will have no bounds and go beyond meeting room acrimony. Annapolis for example is full of this.
  15. I am 100% against American adventurism and exceptionalism and in the companies I have help found and the relationships necessary to grow those businesses, there were opportunities that were turned down due to what I viewed as unethical behavior and what I would not support. Staying far away from the U.Sl Department of Defense during the war in Iraq cost millions. In the 00's defense money in the DC area sloshed around like a keg of beer. But not taking those business opportunities and thus supporting illegal wars was the correct action. I support my country and have helped create hundreds
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