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  1. Lol, I've never been more free in my life. In fact, if nothing else, this entire episode has been a net positive for me, personally. I've bucked the trend, kept traveling, and enjoyed the world. You boomers are screwing up the world so fast - it's actually great. The sooner you all go senile and leave the world alone, then maybe we can rebuild what you shit all over.
  2. If you *actually* didn't care, you'd wouldn't keep posting how important it is for everyone else to get the same vaccine you got. You do care, because you keep posting away. You're all trying to claim the moral high ground and patting each other on the back furiously. You sound like a bunch of Australian hillbillies telling people from China to 'go home'. You post, because you're scared. Scared to death by your government and your corporate media. Scared into compliance. So, you'll do whatever you're told - include bullying people who don't agree do to their body, what
  3. One thing is certain, Pfizer is going to milk this for all it's worth.
  4. You guys are shooting rescue dogs and puppies to stop covid now huh??? Lovely. AUS Government Shoots Rescue Dogs cites Covid Restrictions (Source: Washington Examiner) Local Council Shoots Rescue Dogs over Covid Fears (yahoo news)
  5. Here is a list of 35 drugs the FDA approved, and then pulled off market. https://prescriptiondrugs.procon.org/fda-approved-prescription-drugs-later-pulled-from-the-market/ Lawsuits for: birth defects, liver disease, death, coma, breathing, seizures. Some of them were on the market for just a year, others for 30! I'll wait for the science and data, thanks.
  6. I think you mean the US Military will mandate it's troops to get vaccinated? Then you are correct. The way you wrote, you sounded to be advocating for US military troops to force citizens to get vaccinated. Your wording was very ambiguous and incredibly sloopy, but apologies if you meant the former.
  7. You advocate for military force against its own citizens to enact a policy you prefer? And you wonder why you're getting push back.... This isn't about science or anything, this is just some political game to you where you want to be on the winning side. You can talk big game online about how noble you are. Just think about what you wrote. seriously. Don't see *any* issues with that?
  8. @EYESAILOR You're pretty reasonable here. It's sad to me, that someone who says they care about the truth, and are a doctor, doesn't *actually* mean that. No one should care where I've been. But, if I say something, prove it, get challenged... and you believe the *other* person. You're clearly not interested in facts or the truth. I realize this is just a playground for most people to give each other wedgies and make fun of the kids they don't like. But, it's just sort of sad that the truth can be brushed aside, because it comes from someone you don't like.
  9. Lol, no thanks. Side effects are awful. Shockingly, I don't believe that one health policy should be applied to everyone. I don't make my health decisions based on what other people do. I talked to my doctor, and they recommend not taking malaria pills while here... so, I don't
  10. With such a witty response like that, it's a wonder your brain has enough synaptic activity to keep your heart beating. You are doing, exactly what you accuse 'the other side' of doing. You make up stuff, and then stick your head in the sand and say 'nah nah nah, I'm right, you're an idiot!!' Are you proud of yourself?
  11. This is reasonable and well thought out. As we've seen though, '70% vaccinated' doesn't ensure things reopen.... at all. The goalposts keep moving. In the US, the cities and states that have that, are demanding proof of vaccination. Which, kind of makes me wonder if herd immunity is a real thing. If 80% of people are vaccinated, why do you need to check which individuals are vaccinated? Unless we see what we see in Israel and beyond. That even 80% vax rate, doesn't stop waves. So.... if the vaccines aren't working very well, or are losing effectiveness. I'll just wait
  12. $50,000 USD to charity and lifetime ban from Sailing Anarchy for whomever is wrong. Mid or BlatantEcho! Anyone else want to see who is right or wrong? Are you in or out @Mid I'm 100% serious. I'll send you an email of bank account, and I'll hire an independent lawyer to arbitrate the facts. Seriously. I'm down to prove who is right and who is wrong. ohhh, wait, you're wrong, so you'll just back away quietly. I ignore most trolls like you, because you're all beyond help. You're just so stuck in your ways, you can't imagine someone is out, enjoying the
  13. 909 When did the Sydney lockdown start, 26 days ago now? It'll start working soon right?
  14. This is so poorly written, it's not clear if you are saying $6,000 a week is a lot for a nurse, or not a lot? I *assume* you're asserting it's a lot of money for a nurse? I am not a nurse, but, I'm just reporting the offers he is getting. I think he's dropping out of anesthesiology school because of the mandates. I know those people get PAID. So, I assume $6k a week is not a lot for those services. *shrug* the entire medical community seems so weird to me. I have no experience beyond friends as docs and nurses and hospital admin.
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