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  1. Gouvernail Even if the price was zero USD$, it would still be cheaper to get a cradle made up here in the land of white fluffy stuff. Shipping to Canada is a little pricey. Never say never. Put a price to it and send some pictures. Bellum
  2. I am seeking storage for a J92 on a trailer. I prefer on Lake St. Clair. I am open to indoor storage or outdoor. Should the facility do good repairs then I would use them for some work. I would be having the boat towed to the storage facility in the next week or so. Bellum
  3. What got done on the 29MK2 I raced and cruised on. Get rid of old layers of bottom paint. 5 coats of epoxy barrier. Primary self tailers. Garhauer rigid vang. Get rid of the stock main traveler. Replaced with Garhauer system. Check top and bottom rudder bearings. Speaking as the guy who worked the pointy end, Carbofoil or Tuff Luff for quick race winning peels. Check pins on #3 jib cars. When under load the jib sheet will cause the car to slide back. Instruments, we don't need no stinkin instruments. We sailed half of a Lake Ontario 300 with no po
  4. +1 to the use of butyl. +1 to counter sinking.
  5. I'm goin' down, Bruce Springsteen Downeaster Alexa, Billy Joel YYZ, RUSH Working man, RUSH
  6. We don’t need no stinking anchor.
  7. Seascape mocking up their new 33 footer on a cruisey Bene.................never mind.
  8. What’s with the mini brunch hook?
  9. Pretty good. Just as the second spike sinks her teeth into us.
  10. What happens to all the boats in the water when the second Covid-19 spike arrives in October? Does haul-out get cancelled?
  11. When the phrase "project boat" appears in the listing...run away, far away.
  12. 12 knots. J 33 on the start line of an LORC race in Toronto. Not planned and poorly timed, but what a rush with the shore being only a few hundred yards away. "Land ho, I say, Land ho."
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