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  1. The boat is pretty wide for it's length, with a lot of form stability. The keel weight doesn't really come into plat until you're at ~45degrees, and that's when the side panel catches it from going further. I'd say it's the wrong design for a canting keel. It's probably better to stick with your current 'interests'.
  2. In reality, that's about in the resale price that many of these boats manage. It's not everyone who appreciates a wood,epoxy composite build., fair enough, not all home boatbuilders who do it right.
  3. .....^^... 'results may vary'.
  4. ...here's a way to combine them all!** ........................ **...warning,, results may vary. <;~0
  5. Yer'd certainly sell out another batch of eye bleach.
  6. Whaaat,, you had all the fixins,, but no Tensionometer!!??
  7. You must be attempting irony. Nobody can be that facked to think that democratic socialism as 90% of western countries operate is anything evil., and ~1000miles different than eastern bloc communism.
  8. Not many designs live so close to this forum's name. Cuba sailors, the real sailing anarchists. ......but heck, look at all the added flotation,, and draft stripes on the sail! They have many 1st world designs looking on in shame!
  9. ...and every young sailor who idolizeD him would have been clearly shown the standard of conduct appropriate to the sport.
  10. yah, goes the other direction as well.
  11. Well last I heard, sailors with uncontrollable anger issues I usually banned from the sport. This guy was knighted. What a great example to set the youth who admire him., then, as now.
  12. Likely the singlehander mindset at play... got used to running all aspects of his campaigns,, never learned to delegate.
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